Taliban Grabs Stockpile of U.S Provided Armory to Afghans


The Taliban on Wednesday displayed the stockpile of U.S. armoured vehicles along with recently occupied weapons at the victory celebrations in the southern part of Afghanistan.

Taliban waved their white national flag at the military parade. They also conducted an air display with a recent grabbed Black Hawk helicopter of the U.S. provided to Afghanistan.

America had been supplied the defence and security forces with over ₹20 billion in armoury, hardware and equipment for nearly two decades.

However, unfortunately, the American government failed to build proper defence and security forces over there.

In one video, Taliban militants dressed up in US-style uniforms and posing for photoshoots while sitting on the plane and helicopters. In such a dusky situation, Afghans are highly dependent on foreign support.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNCF) have already helped them with medication and food services during the evacuation process.

One hundred twenty-three thousand above citizens were evacuated by American and coalition aircraft since August 14, stated by U.S. Central Command Gen. Frank McKenzie on Monday.

Taliban officials announced victory over the U.S. from the tarmac of Kabul’s international airport on Tuesday, August 31. It was hours after the last batch of American troops left Afghanistan.

On the other hand, innumerable pictures of Taliban fighters that resemble American soldiers dressed up with helmet to boots in U.S. Special Forces gear, holding U.S.-made assault and sniper rifles.

Washington paid out $80 billion above over 20 years on the Afghan military and police, the United States government onlookers have stated, a part of it in armaments.

United States officials have indicated that they have no reliable accounting of Taliban armoury seizures.

Remaining one Afghan region that is still capturing out against the Taliban’s rule- the Panjshir Valley.

It is a strategic slice of territory about 90 miles north of Kabul; that was once a castle for the mujahideen fighting the Soviets and is currently the seat of the resistance movement.

The management has also confronted decrial for not anticipating the loss of the Afghan soldiers, forfeiting tactical environment such as Bagram Air Base, and not taking fast action to evacuate U.S. inmates and susceptible Afghans.

Meanwhile, fortunately, the United States, much of the Taliban’s recent stockpile of military vehicles, needs fairly sophisticated preservation requirements and is unlikely to remain battle-ready over the long term.

The Afghan military aided immensely in maintenance and technical support from the U.S. and foreign contractors. For instance, the Afghan military’s entire fleet of UH-1 Blackhawks was tamed by foreign contractors.

However, for the Taliban’s nascent arsenal of weaponry vehicles, the Islamist organization possesses such a high amount that it becomes possible to cannibalize the spare aspects of some cars to keep others continuing.


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