Tamil Nadu which considered as the tenth Largest Indian state by area and sixth largest by population. The state is facing a problem where school going children are have been caged inside the auto where the safety norms are just a word for school administration.

There is a video which is going viral on social media platform that an auto which has caged more than 30 children while carrying them to their school the children fully packed up inside the transport vehicle where there is very little space left for standing and breathing too.

This video is coming from Tamil Nadu state tenkasi city where it’s showing a terrible condition of children in which they are fully packed like garbage to carry them to schools. This video has raised serious question about the safety of children.

Tamil Nadu which is ranked 11th among all Indian state in human development index. Tamil Nadu which is considered as one of the most urbanised states in India, and one of the most industrialised state the manufacturing sector account’s more than one third of the state GDP.

This video has put questions on safety of children where the whole state is urbanised and developed how could this thing can happen where the literacy rate is so high comparing to other state. The state has performed so well in terms of literacy growth over the period from 2001 to 2011.

Tamil Nadu has 37 universities ,552 engineering college and 566 art and science colleges,34,335 elementary school ,5167 high school ,5054 higher secondary school and 500 hospitals. It has one of the highest numbers of Notable highest educational institutes present in Tamil Nādu.

As the video went viral, the authorities concerned have assured of action.

A concerned citizen, who shot the video, can be seen asking a teacher about their safety. The teacher, however, instead of addressing his concerns, questions the man for shooting the video and tells the autorickshaw driver to leave quickly.

The video shows more than 10 children wearing school uniforms jostling for space, unable to move inside the autorickshaw. The incident has come to light just days after an eight-year-old boy died on his school premises in Chennai allegedly due to negligence after the school’s vehicle driver, who was reportedly listening to music, ran over the child while he was adjusting his sock.

Published By :- Tarsem Singh

Edited By :- Khushi Thakur


Ankit Rai
Ankit Rai
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