The A340 lands on the ‘Ice Runway’ of Antarctica to make landmark history


Airbus A340 successfully lands in Antarctica for the first time in its history. The airline has successfully landed the Airbus A340 Antarctica, which was hired by the airline’s staff. Wolf Fang is a company that organizes luxury camps in the South Pole.

The plane was chartered by the authorities to deliver goods to tourist destinations.

The A340 reached with the essentials for an adventure tourism camp called Wolfs Fang. Carlos Mirpuri, vice president of High Fly, flew to and from Antarctica as captain of the A340, recognizing the importance of the Wolfs Fang mission, a new project by White Desert Antarctica’s leading tourism company.

The historic flight began on November 2 from Cape Town, South Africa. It took about five and a half hours later; the A340 landed successfully in Antarctica. Those crew stayed on the white continent for only three hours. He later flew back to Cape Town.

The first large Airbus cargo plane landed in Antarctica; Airbus A340 landed in Antarctica on ice. The pilot described the incident as an unforgettable moment, and the seven-minute video of the historic moment went viral online.

Although not technically an airport, facilities for a C-level airport were set up in an area owned by Wolfs Fang. The first expedition included experienced people who had to overcome many of the challenges posed by the weather.

Captain Mirpuri said the colder the weather, the better the landing. The runway was prepared by cutting 3,000 meters of ice with special equipment. The runway was large enough to accommodate a large aircraft such as the A340, which could carry 290 passengers.

The view of the blue ice sheets is beautiful, but it’s dangerous for the pilots. Captain Mipuri says the reflection of light from these ice sheets was overcome with the help of specially made glasses.

He added that the services of the second pilot were also crucial during landing, especially for receiving, sending, and transmitting instructions.


The reflection of the sun hitting the snow is hard. Later, with the help of spectacles, he was able to see the outside world. At the same time, he said, the co-pilot also played a crucial role in this. The pilot said the plane landed and unloaded without any problems.

The first landing in Antarctica was in 1928. The Lockheed Vega 1 was first launched in Antarctica by Australian military pilot and explorer George Hubert Wilkins. William Randolph Host, the American publishing giant at the time, paid for the trip.

Later, several flights took place in Antarctica, helping to understand and map the geography of Antarctica. To this day, Antarctica is a continent that does not even have an official airport. Antarctica, meanwhile, has about 50 landing runways.

However, most people who still reach Antarctica enter the white continent by sea. The landing was made after all the arrangements were made in case of any danger. A 10,000-foot runway was set up to prevent the aircraft from slipping off the runway.

NASA’s warning that a large part of the Earth’s globe will be submerged has been much discussed recently. NASA says Antarctic ice is melting six times faster than it was 40 years ago, causing sea levels to rise sharply and leading to catastrophe.

Researchers have warned that if this situation continues in Antarctica, the lives of millions of people living off the coast of the world will be threatened, and their homes will be lost.

The study was led by Eric Rignott, a professor and geologist at the University of California, Berkeley and examined aerial and satellite imagery of Antarctic ice sheets since 1979. Researchers estimate that between 1979 and 1990, Antarctica’s ice sheets lost some 36 billion tons each year.

Between 2009 and 2017, the rate of ice melting increased sixfold, 228 billion tons per year. Rising sea temperatures will also cause ice to melt, which means there will be an increase in meters above sea level in the next hundred years.  The study, funded by NASA, was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


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