The Anime series Haikyuu will get two final Film 

The Anime series Haikyuu will get two final Film 

The two final sequel movie of anime series “Haikyuu” is been announced during the event of the “Haikyu x The Volleyball” on Saturday

The latest key visual the tagline which is been used is, “Who will we become tomorrow?”.  


The anime series Haikyuu is been produced by I.G. They had animated the anime adaptation of the Haikyu series. 

The first season of the anime was been aired in the year 2014, along with a sequel in the year 2015. 

And the anime completed its first season during the winter of 2016 with 25 episodes in total. 

The season 3 name is Haikyu!! Karasuno High School vs Shiratorizawa Academy. 

It had 10 episodes in total, which was aired throughout the Fall of 2016. 

There has been a sequel of this season title “Haikyu!! Riku vs Kuu OVA”. 

The latest season of the anime was been divided into two cours. 

The first cours was been released in Winter 2020 and the second cours was released in fall 2020. 

The anime series rather than full-fledged series also had spawned multiple recap movies, OVAs, side stories, and an omake. 

Haruichi Furudate is the author of the manga Haikyuu which was being serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2012 to 2020. 

Characters of Haikyuu: 

No doubt haikyuu is one the most entertaining anime series till now. 

With high octane, actions, emotions, perfectly choregraphed matches, and stunningly well-placed emotional scenes, this series had gained a lot of love and appraisal throughout the global. 

However, apart from things which I mentioned the characters in the anime had played a vital role to make this series to be must watch. 

The amazing cast of characters had been significant reason for the popularity of the anime. 

So let check the list of characters who were the reason for anime success: 

  1. Hinata Shouyou: 

Hinata Shouyou is the main protagonist of the anime series and belongs to Karasuno High school. 

He is one of the characters which will hook you into the anime to watch it till the end. 

His never-giving attitude makes his enemy scared of him. 

I’m sure you will get goosebumps. If you haven’t started watching this anime, try it. 

I’m definitely sure you won’t regret it. 

2. Kageyama Tobio: 

This is my personal favorite character from the anime. 

Tobio Kageyama, before being part of Karasuno High, was the part of Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High. 

3. Nishinoya Yuu: 

Here comes the coolest character of this anime(at least for me). 

He is energetic, confident, hard-working, and gets hyper easily. 

Depicts have been impatient. He has an exciting and cheerful nature.

4. Oikawa Tooru: 

Well, no doubt he is one of the most handsome characters of all time. 

Oikawa Tooru is one of the lead characters in the show depicts not been present in a few seasons. 

He is also the captain of his team, which makes him gain more credibility and strength altogether. 

As the show progresses, we get to see his cunning side and dominant personality, which explains why he is been popular in this anime series.

  5. Kazume Kenma:

Last but not least, here is our character from Nekoma High School, named as Kazuma Kenma. 

He is very standard and calm, with nothing extreme like Hinata and Nishinoya. 

He is a very tranquil character and also a fan of video games. 


So, if u had to watch it then no doubt this news will be exciting for you, I know, but if you haven’t watched it, what are waiting for? Go watch it and ENJOY!!