The art of lip-syncing: is it a talent or not? (regarding Instagram content creators)


The art of the lip-syncing kind of became mainstream when an app called Musically came then, now Tik Tok.

It is a short-form mobile video sharing platform where people make videos on dance, lip-sync, comedy in a fun and creative way, and in many ways, it is a unique platform for video creators of all kinds to showcase their skills/talents.

After the government-imposed ban on the app, Instagram launched Instagram reels similar to Tik Tok, where you make videos on dance, lip-sync, comedy or any other video.

Many Social media influencers became famous and gained tons of followers by making lip-sync videos and earning money through social branding. Now many people see this as a career option.

The Question is, it is a Talent or not? 

Lip syncing is not a considerable talent, but to create an entire performance is undoubtedly a talent.

The videos that contain lip-sync are either meant to showcase the uploader’s acting skills or dancing skills. Still, the sense isn’t conveyed as people have developed a negative attitude towards the platform. 

In Instagram, there are many reels where people just lip – sync in the video and get lots of views and likes, and they portray themselves as digital content creators.

Nowadays, people post a video of their lip-syncing and write in their profile digital Content creator.

But actually, it’s not Content creation and indeed not a talent because you are not creating something new. 

There are also reels in Instagram where people don’t just lip-sync but create an entire performance uniquely and creatively.

This is undoubtedly a talent to be considered. People are not just lip-syncing but showcasing their skills, and they are getting outstanding views and followers.

But exactly vice-versa happens people who post just lip-syncing, cliché and cringy videos get tons of views and likes, and call themselves digital content creators.

But people who are genuinely digital content creator and post sensible, creative, fun and unique stuff like dance videos, singing videos, comedy, drawing and original content does not get many views and likes and struggle to have the deserved reach.

Problem With Viewers 

As viewers, somewhere, we are only responsible for this as we are not choosing the right thing, and then we will only complain that deserving people are not getting what they deserve.

Like a while ago, there was a video of a boy singing some cringy song, called “Bachpan ka Pyaar” not so cringy for some people, gone viral all of a sudden. Then Rapper Badshah saw the video and called the kid for collaboration in one of his songs.

It was suitable for the kid, but it was not a big deal that the video went viral in such a way; it was just a song with some catchy lines, cringe to be precise.

A few days back, some people said the kid was just humming the songs; nothing special was in the video that it went viral. Few years back, a video of a girl just lip-syncing a song and moving her hips got so many views, likes and gone viral.

She got tons of followers on Instagram and got famous after some people said that nothing got so many views and likes in the video.

The viewers who are neglecting the right talent go for the stuff and, in the end, will say it was not worthy of such recognition.

Akshit Poddar
Akshit Poddar
Akshit Poddar is an undergraduate student pursuing Computer Science and Engineering from Shri Shankaracharya Group Of Institution. He usually pens down his thoughts and feelings poetically. From there, the content writing thing comes into play as he wanted to learn something new. He believes the more we learn, the lesser time it takes for us to learn even more. He's a kinda shy guy who loves to meet new people. He's a football enthusiast, bibliophile, loves to listen to music and have a crush on mountains. "Your life is a story that you tell yourself. I am gonna make sure or at least try that this story is worth telling."



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