The elections are fixed of 2022


We are close to our elections in the upcoming days. The polls are crucial for every citizen of a country. So you have a right to vote and choose the right person who solves every problem of our areas, states, or government.

Phases of Elections in 5 states

On Saturday, the election commission of India declared the schedule for the election in Goa, Punjab, Manipur, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh openly. The polls in Goa, Punjab, and Uttarakhand on 14 February.

Uttar Pradesh elections are divided into 7 phases from 10 February to 7 March. Manipur has also divided their election into two parts on 7 February and 3 March. The final counting of votes from 10 March.

Chief election commission Sushil Chandra talked about the election will be for four hundred three seats in Uttar Pradesh. One hundred seventeen seats in Punjab, seventy-three seats in Uttarakhand, sixty seats in Manipur, and forty seats in goa.

Covid Safe Election’s 2022

There will be no roadshows, cycle, or bike rallies due to the increasing covid situation. They said we aim to conduct covid safe elections in 5 states with maximum voter participation and more careful preparation.

All the polling stations include the covid facilities like sanitizer and masks. Also, they increase the number of polling booths. The people who are eligible for a vote should have a booster dose of the vaccine.

Chief Election Commissioner said to all political parties that elections should be held on time and follow all the protocols of cover-19. He also said that they would extend the polling time because of the heavy crowd in the polling stations.

On Friday, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant announced that all public meetings and gatherings in goa will now be limited to 50 percent capacity for indoor venues. Up to 100 people in outdoor venues.

Uttar Pradesh Elections-

Yogi Adityanath said on Doordarshan ‘Kitna Badla’ UP. Be the leaders from the main opposition party and the congress party such as Om Prakash Rajbhar headed Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party all the communally charged political atmosphere of the poll-bound up.

On the one hand, the opposition party chief minister Yogi Adityanath is a hardcore Hindutva leader.

Punjab Elections-

In September, with the replacement of Captain Amarinder Singh as the Punjab chief minister. the Punjab Congress party seems to be an advantage over other parties.

Uttarakhand Election –

In Uttarakhand, BJP is the ruling party, and the congress is in an opposition party. The BJP has changed its chief minister twice in the last year. Congresses released their first list of candidates within a week.

Parties have planned a virtual campaign, and Priyanka Gandhi will address it.

Goa Election –

Aam Aadmi Party said they released its second list of candidates for election and said we had committed to bringing good governance and work for go people.

Manipur Election –

Congress, which is facing a crisis due to fighting between state units, aims to wrest power from the BJP in the state. The party also suffer due to the vibrant and young leaders.  Biswajit Singh is BJP leader made efforts to bridge the divide between the hills and the valley areas of Manipur and sustain peace.

Published By: Khushboo Mehta

Edited By: Kritika Kasyap

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Priya Bisht
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