The Five Fabulous Years of Reliance Jio: Journey of Breaking-down to Building-Up


Facebook’s launch of the ‘Free Basics’ offering in 2015 bounded free Internet turned into a complicated issue for the rigorous oppositions.

As per their opinion, it could surpass net neutrality. Therefore, they forced Mark Zuckerberg to withdraw, but it has turned out to be a blessing.

During 2015, the rigorous oppositions met a Facebook launch of ‘Free Basics’ offering for delimited free Internet; as per their opinion, such initiative could surpass the net neutrality.

Subsequently, they forced Mark Zuckerberg to withdraw, but it has transpired to be a blessing in disguise.

However, the purpose of free basics was to spread the Indian market and fetch the subsequent billion online.

Despite the obstacle, Facebook’s growth has proceeded to a stunning level. From 205 million in 2016 to 425 million now, it has become a double user in India.

At this point, WhatsApp also got famous as it became a default messaging forum for endless Indians. Subsequently, it turned from 190 million to 390 million users overall.

However, the number of customers drastically change while Reliance Jio commercially launched 4G services offering-

High-speed data at low prices.

The tax was 95 per, a cent lower than competitors.

Voice call tied with OTT platforms were free of cost.

Five years later, such motive brought a data revolutionary. Overall it has directed the growth of online start-up companies.

The revolution also facilitates consumers to change their path, just like how they shopped, binged movies, purchased insurance or food, booked holidays, or consulted a doctor.

As per Aji Mohan’s statement, Facebook managing director in India: Jio’s disruption was the crossroads for India’s digital economy and facilitated several services such us from Hotstar to Facebook.

Meanwhile, Reliance Jio empowered the consumers in several aspects. Such as, it has made the transaction process on apps easier.

Such benefits made the Indian public tend to downloads the applications frequent than ever before.

The most rooted impression of the Jio staving can appear in the start-up space. Pre-breakage, India had ten unicorns.

That number has risen six-fold to over 51. Analysts project that it will hit the glamour 100 marks within years.

Deepinder Goyal, Co-founder of Zomato, acknowledged that Jio’s productive growth has built up our incomparable growth.

Byju’s is another forum, with a determination of the value of $16.5 billion, which has performed a significant role in switching students online, particularly in this pandemic phase.

The high-speed data backbone aided tech companies to reach out to millions of students across the nation, said founder Byju Raveendran.

In the time of 2016, there was only 1.57 million paid edtech users. Byju’s alone has over 6.5 million paid users, apart from 100 million-plus registered students.

OTT platform also one of them, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Hotstar made an entrance during 2015-16, but the challenge was monetization.

The process of getting customers whether they are interested in playing or not.

Last year, there were almost 60 million paid consumers across platforms, compared with a mere 1.3 million in the year that Jio launched.

The total subscriber base produced as well as non-paid has also increased to over 300 million.

In the upcoming two years, the front line will be 5G. Airtel and Jio both are preparing for the launch.

It assurances to tear off yet another breakage of the digital economy with the entry of automation.



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