According To WHO’s mental health data shows 0.6 percent — or about 264 million individuals worldwide — have an anxiety disorder. Additionally, 4.6 percent of females and 2.6 percent of males globally are affected by anxiety.

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What is anxiety disorder?

At one time or another, we all experience anxiety- before our big exam, interview, or any competition or match, anxiety is common to all human beings It can happen due to small issues it depends on the person’s past, present, and the situation which that person is experiencing. Now we live in a world which is surrounded by the internet you can get information about everything everywhere.

Going further and making this the topic of ‘is social media/ internet worthy or waste of time and energy?’ me being a person born in this era who puts a reasonable amount of time scrolling through social media which binging eating some of the high-calorie snacks is well aware of latest trends and things going around the world won’t complain about anything. But can all that give one anxiety? Anxiety is diffused that something unpleasant will soon occur. If such feelings become more intense and persist for a long time, increased arousal is accompanied by generalized feelings of fear or apprehension.

Anxiety can feel different every time it – ‘s a racing heartbeat, sweating and trembling, feeling nauseous, unable to breathe and hold yourself, sometimes panic attacks one gets, the hands and whole body could sometimes start to shake and it feels like everything around is coming on you and you feel trapped and restless, the sudden urge to cry and hide from everyone and everything. Anxiety can lead to a panic attack, various heart problems, and sometimes even trauma or depression.

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So how can this generation be so anxious and traumatized? After seeing the perfect bodies and perfect life of people, all happy walking and dancing with their friends going to perfect vacations with perfect all model-looking friends and partners. we start thinking ‘when will I get that life which is as beautiful as dreams?’ and we feel our self-esteem going down and down, whenever we click our pictures and delete them because we are not as beautiful or good-looking like- KENDALL JENNER or CHRIS EVANS. After putting our photo or sharing it we feel anxious about the likes and comments… are people liking my post oh, I am a fool why did I post this…I look so ugly in this picture. We crave the perfect body and perfect life we are ready to starve ourselves for that our idol body, we are anxious about people around us ‘ oh, that certain person went on a long European vacation and here I am just sitting at my home and writing this article…oh, what a waste my life would be.

To be honest, even after writing and thinking about my future I get a little anxious. We are afraid to take responsibility for our own we are ashamed of our real selves and all the reality stresses us out. We only see those perfect pictures, everyone went through something unexpected which gave them stress. Me being a person who suffered from a panic attack and depression after getting unexpected news… to be honest, I thought to even end my life. But I am still here trying my best after failing my math exam I thought the whole world is ending I stayed there and just cried while I was getting breathless.


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Treatment for an anxiety disorder :

There are still some ways which can help the person from the anxiety attacks

• Talk to the people who you love dearly and who love you dearly – talk to your mother or father or friends. Who you know would certainly understand you, remember it’s okay to do ugly crying before them.

• Use calming breathing exercises. Just take deep breaths.

• Listen to calming music and relaxing sound waves.

• Exercising or doing any physical work like- cycling, yoga, or swimming. Things which is not very intense but distract the mind a little

People’s lives were never easy and won’t be simple in the future but the thing is – how well a person is living and handling all their problems. There is no stress-free life. According to me we only have a stress-free afterlife. But idol life is experiencing emotions and being able to tackle them while doing your daily life work… Take care readers. For more information about Anxiety And for improving your mental health, reducing anxiety, and releasing your stress uses the Listen Everyone.






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