The Mayor of London provides free transport access to low-wage transport workers


The newly elected mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, focuses on ensuring the proper financial aid to low-wage workers. As a measure to reduce the costs, he has introduced a new scheme that provides free access to transport to low-wage transport workers.

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As London’s economy witnesses a high recession, the cost of living has adversely affected people from low-income backgrounds. The mayor is concerned about the low-wage transport workers.

He addresses them as those who constantly provided their service during the pandemic. They eased the commutation of the public during hard times.

The new policy will provide free access to low-wage workers. And the cost will be taken by the City Hall. This policy also includes cleaning, catering, and security staff.

Earlier, the free scheme was provided to TFLs who were appointed directly. The new scheme will benefit those employees who were not directly recruited. The free access scheme will be effective from April 2023.

Apart from this, the mayor has urged TFLs to inspect whether the sick-pay standards are properly maintained. Also, to conduct an annual survey to implement new schemes.

This year, the mayor has contributed 80 million pounds to aid those struggling to compact the cost of living. Also, it includes 50 million pounds to cope with the fuel costs through the Mayor’s Warmer Homes Programme and energy advice services.

In addition to this, the mayor has spent billions to provide affordable homes to London citizens and 400 million pounds to create new job prospects. More than 5 million pounds to contribute to the welfare of the citizens and 4,00,000 pounds to cope with the food deficit.

The aim of the mayor is to make sure that he does everything to make the people sustain the inflation. The increase in the cost of living has a tremendous effect on low-wage people.

To deal with the recession and rising living costs, the mayor has enacted numerous policies to assist low-income residents.

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