The recently launched Arabic film tackles up with sexual taboos:- Sparks


  • Arabic film received a lot of criticisms amongst the community for displaying certain scenes that were believed to be harming the religious sentiments of the people.
  • The film also involved mixed criticisms, as there were some who were not affected with the content of the film, and projected it to be a normal film conveying a message based upon a script.

The entertainment industry in our nation has over a period of  time attained great popularity at the forefront amongst the other sources of online and offline entertainment.

This particular source of entertainment is mostly loved by people of all age groups and no doubt has over a period of time created a name for itself when compared with the film department of other leading foreign countries.

The entertainment industry has  not only captured the urban sector but even the rural population has full access to viewing any of their favourite long or short films through any medium of their choice.

The most popular broadcasting medium for viewing any film whether a regional or a local one  based on the difference of the language was solely possible through the setup of huge screens.

As earlier people did not have the facility of cinema halls and other new advancements that we get through the upliftment of the technological setup that gives us an added advantage of viewing films on our single handed devices namely the mobile phones and touch screen tablets.

The coming up of the OTT platforms have given the entertainment industry a new boom as more and more people have shifted from television viewing to online mobile phone viewing which gives them an advantage of accessibility and ease in sharing their reviews or learnings about the film with some third person, by using the same medium.

The entertainment industry has now revolutionised by making space for many languages to surface around the ground, nowadays its not just the 2 main languages that we have for viewing a specific film, our film industry is open to attributing with many languages be it Marathi, Gujrati, Punjabi, Telugu, Urdu, Arabic and the  list remains endless to count.

All these different languages have also given our audience a great variety to view movies and series at comfort in their own language, making it easier for them to understand and to connect with the desired film.

Based upon the advancements that we have in the film industry and the coming of the different OTT platforms, our movies era has completely been upgraded that demands the audience to view a whole lot of films from a bunch of available films based on different languages and genres, customised according to the customers choice and preference.

As a recent update about Netflix is that it witnessed an act of sexual taboo in one of its film that was released on a popular OTT platform by the name of Netflix, and it was in Arabic language that talked about and indicated an important aspect about sexual taboo.

According to the report, the film talks about hurting the religious sentiments and encouraging homosexuality, which believes to be unfit for the Arab society.

The film also received a lot of criticisms from the Arabic Community, but still there were some who were not against what all was being displayed on screen, and thus gave a statement that for the ones who are not happy in viewing the film and believe it to be unjust that it has been released for the people to view on Netflix, should immediately unsubscribe the channel and not crib about it further.

The Arabic controversy has also raised a lot of debates amongst the community members, discussing about the issue, thus portraying the displayable of the film unjust to view.

Thus, films play an important role in creating an impact in our lives and also convey a certain message that influences the viewers in no time.

So, as a matter of  fact, films must be portrayed keeping in mind the theme and the message to be portrayed along with the age group that it aims at.

Edited By- Subbuthai Padma

Published By- Satheesh Kumar



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