The essentiality of physical activity has always been a boon to any human involved with it. People have found healthy physical activity schedules barred from their lifestyle since the beginning of the corporate industry. Now the time has come for repercussions.

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A healthy person is a boon not just to him/herself but to the society they belong to. A healthy lifestyle promises better chances of healthy survival. According to this criteria of health, a recent study has found that immobility not only leads to obesity and cardiac issues but can prove a hindrance to sleep.


Sleeping is an essential method of providing the ultimate rest the body needs. Short-power naps are prescribed for a healthy working mind. But naps are not just essential if the body that intends to take them remains stiff with strain.

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The ability to be immobile and accumulate stress in our bodies has caused multiple dysfunctions in the lumbar region. Many corporate employees have reported having their L5 and L6 nerves severed, which has rerouted their daily activities.

Studies into the health of people lacking mobility in their day-to-day lives have provided a detailed insight into the ongoing health issue.

It is to this immobility that the running mill of any company-its employees-the repercussions fall harder.

With advanced technology helping us with our work from any part of the globe, there has been an increase in health concerns as well.

Mobility and mobile

Employees across the globe put their best foot forward to provide amazing results for their employer and reap the financial benefits of their hard work. But this hard work in collaboration with immobility on the part of healthy physical activity leads to health concerns.

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We know one of the major health issues due to lack or absence of physical exercise is obesity. It is the accumulation of toxins, weight gain beyond a healthy BMI, and fat that causes obesity.

Obesity comes with its own risks, of which heart attack is the most prominent. Obese individuals suffer the consequences of sitting consistently, as mobility for them is as hard as it comes. This inability to move further aggravates the existing issues.

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Individuals who are not obese or are borderline obese cannot be ruled out. The severity of sinking health knows no bounds.

We attribute the bane to technology. As we sit behind our expensive gadgets, working to buy more expensive and efficient gadgets, we neglect the reason we are able to sit behind them.

Our body: a means to everything

In order to procure a better means of living, we put living our lives on a healthy scale on the sideline. Our lifestyle becomes a means to provide financial stability to ourselves and to the people we are responsible for.

Our bodies need everything to survive the ebb and flow of time and its strains. Mobility is one of them. Being physically active provides a sufficient basis for a healthy life.

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The mobile phones we scroll through, the laptops or PCs we work through, are meant as a means to employment for our financial well-being.

But bodily well-being can be accessed through repeated physical activity. One of the simplest methods to achieve this is through short 10-minute breaks between working schedules.

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This break, based on the fact that one does not fall asleep at work, should aim at removing the individual concerned to a different environment, where they can stretch their body and relax their mind.

A distraction is required: steps to good sleep

Previous studies on working patterns and mobility provided ample evidence of people suffering from joint pains, back pains, obesity and cardiac issues. A recent study has also added a strain on sleeping ability.

Taking a short walk away from the screen that binds us during work hours not only helps to relax our minds but also our bodies.

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For this, we need to be more active physically. Sitting behind a screen in a certain position proves tiresome for the body. And a heavily tired body no longer accounts for a heavily sleepy body.

To have a good time sleeping, we need a body that is aligned with it. Tiring the body unnecessarily to an extent where the relaxation process becomes bothersome is not the criteria.

Good sleep steps up when we tire our mind and body equally. An imbalance causes a disruption we did not ask for. Hence, we need a good distraction during our work hours to put our mind in sync with our body and retire to good sleep.

Final giveaway

To understand the dilemma of the suffering body, we need to look at the patterns associated with it. Straining ourselves to an extent that does not align with our higher good can always lead to repercussions.

There is a need for employers to provide adequate space for rejuvenation during working hours to enhance the performance rate and maintain the vigour needed for the employees’ personal well-being.

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Earning financial security at the expense of an unhealthy lifestyle can easily and quickly produce a gyre effect, which is nothing more than an unhealthy body trapped with work load.

To mitigate this disaster, several companies have implemented a 30-minute nap after lunch to boost productivity, while others have reduced the total number of work hours per week.

Making space for physical mobility during hectic work hours can yield positive results not only for the company but for the employee in question as well.

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  1. Informative, gadgets have destroyed our bodies in a variety of ways, but we all tend to ignore it. We must make time for physical activities.


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