The Third Range of Titan Eye Wear- ‘EyeX’ launches in India.


The eyewear section of Titan Eye Plus launches the ‘EyeX’ smart glasses earlier this week in India. It is manageable with Android and IOS devices and can connect through Bluetooth v5. The glasses gain power from a Qualcomm chipset, easy to use by short and far-sighted customers. It also features open-ear speakers, touch controls and fitness tracking systems. There are up to eight hours of battery life on a single charge.

Open-ear speakers also provide Voice-based navigation and feature voice notifications. While the front material and temple contain plastic, the frame, on the other hand, is in a square-shaped design. An inbuilt tracker and an IP54-rated build for dust and water resistance are also available. The full body has a black finish. Also, the tracker will help its users locate the glasses if they misplace them.

Titan EyeX aims at prescription glass users. The central aim of creating smart glasses with special features was to add more value to a simple pair of glasses that can do more than usual. Saumen Bhaumik, Eyewear Division, Titan Company Limited, told “Specs are a constant company, and whoever is using spectacles for prescription requirements, this frame is sitting on your nose for 12 or 14 or 16 hours.

Our reasoning was, what if this device could do more than what it already does.” He also believes that the battery life was enough for continuous usage for most users.

Titan EyeX: Special Features

The qualifying feature of Titan’s smart glasses is its open-ear speakers with proper wireless stereo functionality. Hence, it makes it easy for the users to use them outside as the company claims, to hear music and still be aware of the surroundings. However, the question lies in the convenience of everyone on using them outdoors.

Also, the company claims that the Titan EyeX features Clear Voice Capture technology that can capture the unmistakable voice and automatically adjust the volume. It also connects its users to Alexa or Siri. An inbuilt pedometer enables the fitness-tracking abilities of the smart glasses to count steps and calories count. At the same time, it can also warn the users if their screen times have increased to help them stay healthier. The feature also enables touch-based play control, skip, pause and prevent.

Titan EyeX is in the range of third innovative spectacles and comes after Orange Square SkyFly Unisex Sunglasses (2019) and Fastrack Audio Sunglasses (2020). The app was missing in the previous versions, which Titan has added this time with the EyeX. It is a guarantee by the company that the new app can add extra functionality for customers.

Mr Bhaumik believes that Titan did not want to be left behind in creating smart devices. He is sure that the intelligent category will continue to multiply with nearly three-digit percentage growth. Titan’s focus is comfort, and since it is in the age of advanced technology, movement is slow and steady compared to more prominent tech companies like Apple and Meta.

The company is measuring it wisely as to who will come out as a winner in the end. Mr Bhaumik claims that a product’s success depends upon all the factors, including comfort, functionality, price tag, and others.

Titan EyeX: Price and Availability in India

The Titan EyeX Smart Glasses are available to purchase on the Titan Eyeplus website for Rs 9999 (only the frame). However, with powered lenses, the price in India starts at Rs 10,398 and goes up with add-ons like Fog-free (Rs 500) and anti-reflective coatings (Rs 250). The reflectors are also available through Titan Eye+ retail stores.

The website mentions that the smart glasses will start shipping from January 10.






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