The USA grants temporary protection status to Ukraine


The war has impacted almost every nation of the world, while Ukraine is still going through a tough patch, the United States of America grants them temporary protection status

The Russian invasion has taken place in Ukraine a few days ago, with all the artillery and infantry Russian military has infiltrated the nation of Ukraine killing everything or anything that is coming in between the Russian sparks and the Ukraine land.

Amidst all these when almost every nation is trying to evacuate its people from the country, the United States of America has granted a “temporary protection status” for the war-torn country. As a part of their service, the USA has granted this special status for the next eighteen months to Ukraine to stabilize and keep its homeland intact with them.

This, however, lifts the threat of deportation of the Ukrainian homeland to the Russian allies, yet it is being known that no nation can stay fit in front of Russia. There is a constant threat to the people staying in Ukraine, while the people are trying to relocate themselves into different areas, the Russian military is infiltrating the nation into a full-fledged military power.

The States can put a halt to the war, but it is somehow yet to do so because of its contrasting relationship with the Russian government.

The capital of Ukraine: Kyiv

The Russian forces are trying to get through the walls of Kyiv, which is the capital of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin: President of Russia has said, “go with your (military) full force and capture Ukraine.” This statement of him makes him more direct and constant towards his attitude toward Ukraine, also his motive and gesture to bring back all the even countries together to form the new USSR is part of this plan.

It is being predicted that, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s first step to accommodate the USSR as whole starts from the invasion of Ukraine. The Russian Airforce is keeping its pace and constantly bombarding the capital of Ukraine while the infantry forces of Russia are moving ahead towards Kyiv and while making the path of communication through Russia to Kyiv.

People residing there are in a threat zone for their lives because there is no guarantee that Kyiv would survive, or will be massacred at the hands of the Russian military. It is very important for the people staying there to have a safer location to be mobile.

As the results of the invasion could be win or lose, but the sufferings would account to the people staying in the nation of Ukraine.

USA’s adamant behavior towards Ukraine

The United States of America on Thursday said that they are able and willing to give “temporary protection status” to the Ukraine and people residing there. With a contact of eighteen months or more, the USA is likely to hand-held the current situation that is being gone on in the neighboring nation. USA House Speaker and chief Nancy Pelosi say, “I am willing to ban all the Russian oil imports to the US. I am in support of Ukraine and its government.” This statement made an impact over Ukraine as for the live updates, at least 22 were killed in airstrikes that were conducted by the Russian Air domes in Ukraine’s Chernihiv region, an exact count of deaths is still in numbers and being counted, but people there are suffering because of the implication that is being created with Russia-Ukraine stranded relation.

Published By: Khushboo Mehta

Edited By: Kritika Kashyap


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