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BTS is one of the most loved and popular K-pop bands in the world. The BTS members which include V, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, Jin, RM, and Suga are not only big names in their home country South Korea, but the Bangtan Boys even have a huge fan following worldwide. 

BTS music has always created gossip among youngsters as it is full of fun and also addresses several sensitive topics. Each song from every album creates a lot of buzz and there few songs have already broken records. The Bangtan Boys are even very active on social media. Right from RM, V, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, Suga, and J-Hope, each member is interacting with ARMY through various social media platforms.

Starting with the leader of the group, RM is keeping himself busy by reading books and he also shared his pictures on Twitter.

J-Hope is using TikTok to keep himself entertained, as well as, entertain the ARMY.

Jin, on the other hand, has been sharing his selfies on Twitter and interacting with ARMY on Weverse. Jin, Suga even once shared his selfies and made ARMY happy. He even took to Twitter and shared some notepads he found with lyrics to previous BTS songs.

Taehyung treated his fans with his shirtless picture and ARMY went crazy.

Even Jimin and Jungkook treated their ARMY once with their selfies and with them recently joining Instagram it’s a treat to everyone’s eyes. Let’s look at a few childhood photos of these BTS members that will surely melt everyone’s heart.


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Starting from RM who is The leader of the group, his childhood photo is the cutest of all.  Here it can be seen he is wearing a cap with a Mickey Mouse design revealing that he really liked Mickey Mouse then.


BTS Jungkook
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The Golden Maknae of BTS, Jungkook was a very cute kid. During the “BTS Home Party” event, Jungkook revealed that he probably still has that blanket one can see in the photo.

J -Hope

BTS Jhope
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J-Hope, who is the sunshine of BTS looks beyond adorable in his picture of his childhood. He is also known to have an amazing outlook on fashion and had an amazing fashion sense as a child.


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Jin’s cuteness in this picture will definitely melt everyone’s heart. At the event of the ‘BTS Home Party’, Jin revealed that he was just four years old during that time.


BTS Jimin
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No doubt,  with this picture it is proved that Jimin is one of the cutest members of BTS but you can’t deny Baby Mochi was cute when he was a kid as well. This photo of childhood Jimin will surely melt everyone’s heart for sure.


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V ( Taehyung)  whom we have seen melting our hearts by sharing his shirtless selfies and also his dance videos also really adorable as a kid. He still continues to melt the hearts of the ARMY with his cuteness.


BTS Suga
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Suga was undoubtedly a cute kid.  Suga showed his childhood pic on ‘BTS Home Party’ and also shared a serious story from that day where he said that it was that day that he almost drowned in the ocean and was floating on that tube, and it flipped over. He couldn’t breathe and was swinging around. His dad rescued him. The scene was really scary.

With these super cute and adorable childhood pictures, it will undoubtedly make not only his ARMYs but also Non-ARMYs go ’Awww’.


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