Three Pakistani soldiers were martyred in the terrorist attack


When terrorists fired from inside Afghanistan, three Pakistani soldiers were martyred in the North Waziristan district. As per a credible intelligence report, the Pakistani troops responded appropriately because of which the terrorist have faced high causalities. However, during this fire exchange, three Pakistani soldiers were highly injured and were martyred.

The three soldiers who were martyred faced the enemies bravely and fought gallantly, the names of the soldiers who were martyred are, Havaldar Taimoor (resident of Jhelum, age 30 years), Sepoy Saqib Nawaz (resident of Sialkot, age 24 years), and Naik Shoaib (resident of Attock, age 38 years). The Pakistani media military also said that in the future they don’t want the Afghan soil to be used for such attacks and they expect the same from the Afghan government. They also further added that the Pakistani army is and always will be protecting their borders and fighting off the terrorists.

Rana Javad who is the director of Geo news also added that the situation at the Western border has worsened. We are getting news of the soldiers getting martyred when Pakistan has fenced their borders as well as protested against Afghanistan. He said despite all these steps taken the situation at the border isn’t getting better anytime soon. He added that the Afghanistan government should cooperate with the Pakistan government in tracking down these terrorists because Pakistan has always supported their neighboring countries and they should return their favor when needed. Both the countries should work collectively against those terrorists who are hiding in Afghanistan.

Pakistan is also furious because it has come to their sense that the Afghan people are giving shelter to these militants and they also said that the result won’t be good.

Edited By: Khushi Thakur

Published By: Bhavya Dedhia


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