Thrift Stores: A Solution for Environmentally Safe Cheap Fashion


Fashion is fast-changing, and keeping up is neither environmentally safe nor cheap. A new trend of thrift stores is the solution.

Fashion trends in today’s world are fast changing. The invention of new manufacturing technologies and low prices resulted in people across the globe adopting ‘fast fashion.’ On average, people consume 60% more clothing than they did twenty years ago. 

Thrift shops are the latest craze. Several Instagram fashion pages have sprouted up. They offer unique opportunities and funky statement pieces that adhere to all ethical fashion practices. 

What are Thrift Stores? 

Thrift stores generally sell gently used clothing, household items and even furniture at discounted prices. The act of shopping in a thrift store is called ‘thrifting.’ The items at sale in these stores are not brand new. They have been owned before. However, they are still in good condition and can pass as new.  

Thrift stores have existed for a long time around the world. India is witnessing a rise in online and offline thrift stores. Consumers across the country recognize the advantages of shopping at a thrift store.

The experience is different from that of shopping at a retail store. While you would visit the latter with a pre-made list, thrifting is a more spontaneous process. People fall in love with items they do not expect ever to own. 

Why Shop at Thrift Stores? 

Thrift stores are environmentally safer than retail shopping. Thrifting is also generally cheaper than buying retail items. Check out all the reasons why you should opt for thrifting.

Reduce Waste:

Manufacturing, producing, packaging, and distributing clothes takes loads of energy and water. Disposal of these clothes is not an environmentally safe process either.

The garments end up in landfills which take months and maybe even years to decompose. Selling and buying used clothing reduces many of the environmentally degrading effects of clothing manufacturing and disposal. Thrift stores are treasure troves of mix and match clothing.       

An Individualistic Sense of Style: 

Whether your goal is to stay on top of the latest fashion trends or develop a quirky individual sense of style, thrifting is the solution. It allows you to create a wardrobe that is one of a kind.  

Uses Less Energy: 

The manufacturing of clothing and its distribution takes a lot of fuel. The cotton is transported from farms to textile mills to retailers and consumers. Thrift stores cut down transportation. 

Thrifting is Cheaper: 

Clothing has become more and more expensive over the years. Thrifting cuts down the cost of clothing by a considerable margin. It saves money and encourages more thoughtful purchases. The fashion industry contributes to 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions. ·       

Reduces Air and Water Pollution: 

Toxins from the manufacturing of clothing are tossed into the oceans. Thrifting cuts down on both pollutions. Thrift Stores in India: 

Preaching about the environmentally sustainable practices of thrifting is more accessible than tracking down thrift stores in your area.

Fortunately for you, we have composed a list of thrift stores in India. The list is not exhaustive. Feel free to look for options more suitable for your location and needs. 


Born in vintage fashion lanes, they focus on bringing back the concept of ‘slow fashion.’ 

Bombay Closet Cleanse: 

This is a women-run, pre-loved store with options that scream fashion statements. 

All Things Pre Loved: 

Recently launched thrift store. Found in the lockdown by Pritika Singh. They promote slow and sustainable fashion. 

The Local Thrift: 

This store sells everything from fashion, books, clothes and home décor.  

Carol’s Shop and Tea Room: 

Offering Handpicked collectables from around the world, their Instagram feed is worth checking out. 

Discovery Culture: 

The store is heavily inspired by the disco scene in the 70s and 80s. It’s a reflection of the past. 

Lulu Thrift: 

Manipur based thrift store that offers funky and appealing edits. It has a little something for everyone. 

Panda Picked: 

They ask us to “buy less but better.”  

While the media talks about shifting to sustainable fashion, it does not mention its expense. Thrift store shopping allows you to incorporate sustainable practices into your life without spending a fortune on it. It also allows you to continue to develop your sense of style and individuality. 

Kavya Pragallapati
Kavya Pragallapati
An avid reader with a knack for researching niche issues and topics. Kavya is a writer focused on bringing unheard voices to the light. She believes there are multiple perspectives to everything and is not afraid to step back and reevaluate the larger picture.



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