Another Tragic scene happened in Kabul: A Suicide Bomb Blast


Bomb Attack on Kabul

As we all know, Afghanistan was taken over by the Afghan Taliban in August 2021. Even after a new Taliban administration was established, the Afghan people’s future was still very uncertain. The nation is currently experiencing a severe economic crisis. The US has banned Afghanistan’s US dollar deposits, and numerous international donors have ceased funding, leaving the banking sector in shambles.

 Despite all these, a suicide bomb blast occurred in an education facility in Kabul leading to the death of at least 23 people, most of whom are thought to be young women, and it is the latest indication of the deteriorating security situation in the Afghan capital.

The explosion happened on Friday at the Kaaj education center, which is located in an area with a high Hazara population—an ethnic minority group that has long been subjected to discrimination. At 7:30 a.m. local time (11 p.m. ET), students were taking a mock university entrance exam, according to Kabul Police Spokesman Khalid Zadran.

Doctor Abdu Ghayas Momand from Ali Jinnah Hospital, where some of the victims have been transferred, reported that 36 others had also been hurt in addition to the 23 fatalities.No one has claimed credit for the assault.

Many of the casualties, according to eyewitness Taiba Mehtarkhil who spoke to CNN, were young women. When she heard about the incident and arrived at the center to hunt for her buddy, she was met with scenes of chaos and desolation, she claimed.

Inside view after the attack:

She recalled seeing parents and other family members of the Kaaj students running and yelling. “Some were looking for their sons and daughters, while others were attempting to get emergency medical help for their loved ones. I personally witnessed over 20 people slain and numerous others injured.

Mehtarkhil’s buddy escaped the attack because, according to her, she was running late and wasn’t in the classroom when the explosion happened.

A second witness, a 20-year-old who asked to remain anonymous for security reasons, told CNN that the explosion knocked her to the ground as she was standing about 20 steps from the gate.

“When I entered, I noticed many of my classmates were covered in blood. She cried as she added, “I learned that the explosion had taken place inside my classroom.”I was shocked at the time. I was merely calling out and looking for my companions. My closest friend, who was 19 and the smartest girl in our class, was not among those I discovered alive, she claimed.

She claimed that her classroom, which is the biggest in the facility, typically holds 500 male and female pupils.

Another Tragic scene happened in Kabul: A Suicide Bomb Blast
Image Caption” The Washington post

“It’s awful; I’m still in disbelief, and it feels like a nightmare. Many of my closest friends and classmates were slain by it. I don’t want this to be seen as just another news story by the public. I want everyone to be aware of the suffering we are currently experiencing. I am completely heartbroken,” she remarked.

In a tweet posted on Friday, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid denounced the assault. The attack on the Kaj training center in Kabul’s 13th district is deemed a serious crime by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which also strongly condemns it and offers its sincere condolences to the families of those killed.

He continued, “Serious steps will be taken to identify and punish the offenders.”

In a tweet on Friday, UNICEF stated that it was “appalled by the heinous attack.”

It stated that “this terrible attack” left dozens of adolescent girls and boys dead and severely injured. Violence inside or outside of educational institutions is never tolerated. Children must be able to learn, socialize with peers, and feel comfortable in these settings while they develop the abilities they will need in the future.

Human Rights Watch

According to Human Rights Watch, the Islamic State of Khorasan Province has claimed responsibility for 13 attacks against the Hazara people and has been implicated in three more, which have left at least 700 people dead or injured.

The study said, “The Taliban authorities have done little to defend these towns against suicide bombs and other unlawful acts or to give essential medical care and other support to victims and their relatives.

Numerous people have died in a series of attacks in Kabul in recent weeks. Two Russian embassy employees were among the six fatalities in a suicide bombing that occurred earlier this month close to the Russian embassy. In August, a mosque explosion that occurred during evening prayers claimed the lives of 21 people and injured 33 others.

As the tragic scenes keep occurring in Kabul, people are waiting for the betterment and justice for the humans out there.

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