Truecaller assigns valuable mandate to The Womb


The agency will be reliable for propelling the brand communication policy for Truecaller and stimulating the prospect industry for the brand across India

True Caller is a smartphone application that has components of caller identification, call blocking, flicker messaging, and call recording.  It assesses users to provide a mutual cellular mobile quantity for inducting with the service.

Truecaller has roped in The Womb, the Brand & Creative agency to chart out the demanded information endeavors in India.

The agency will be reliable for the brand’s communication strategy, thereby propelling long-term brand building by the authority of vigorous strategic consideration and powerful storytelling

An advertising agency often pertained to as a creative agency or an ad agency, is a business dedicated to creating, planning, and regulating advertising and periodically other aspects of publicity and marketing for its consumers.

An ad agency is commonly independent of the client; it may be an internal division or agency that provides an external point of view to the action of selling the client’s products or services, or an outside firm. An agency can also handle prevailing marketing and branding strategies and promotions for its clients, which may encompass sales as well.

Advantages of truecaller

Record Phone Calls

Truecaller permits all Android users to list incoming and outgoing calls, and it is the softest call listing app I’ve utilized. If Truecaller is your defaulting considerations app, it will realize seamless.

You can assign to record determined calls manually or record all of them automatically. Don’t be concerned about the domain wanted; Truecaller will upload these recordings to your Google Drive account during the regular stoppage.

Combine With Other Apps

Truecaller isn’t about formulating you use only Truecaller features. It also behaves as a gateway to other apps. Truecaller integrates with your device’s Phone and Message apps, so you can use both of them in Truecaller without retaining to shut it.

Locate Out a Callers Reason For Calling

Many nations don’t like to answer calls from unknown numbers, even after Truecaller has observed the caller by name. With Truecaller’s Call motive detail, users will be eligible to comprehend why a person is calling them.

The question is, how does Truecaller know a caller’s purpose? Well, it’s fine simple. The company has almost augmented a component to its app that authorizes you to add reasons why you are calling a number. You can add up to three reasons, and select an applicable classification for each outgoing call. This way, call receivers can see why you’re calling and be more likely to pick up.


This is the easiest component of Truecaller, Green Dot, Red Dot, and Call Me Back,

But probably the largely effective addition. Each Truecaller user gets to set a status, activated automatically.

Contact with the Truecaller green dot implies they are accessible, while a red dot means they are on a call.

When you try to call a person who is already on a call, Truecaller will give you a prompt. You can choose to call nonetheless or send them a “Call Me Back” request. When that someone hangs up their call, Truecaller will send them a push notification with your request

Kari Krishnamurty, chief commercial administrator at Truecaller said. We are pleased to greet The Womb as our creative partner in India.

The Womb has ascertained creativity that assists reach the customer with significant storytelling. Together, we are looking forward to building additional influence and improving brand propositioning, making Truecaller an apparent choice for every customer to endure security in communication.

Kawal Shoor, co-founder, of The Womb said, “The team at Truecaller is new and restless. They are inclined to take challenges head-on and are not frightened to take risks or to do things which are never been done formerly”.

 The Womb Is an autonomous medium founded out of Mumbai, India, that over the years has created brands that structure businesses.

 This makes an extraordinary community fit with what we believe in and the work we create. We are up for the challenge and are fascinated. Shouldering the commitment of a young tech brand, we are geared up to confront the challenges and grab the alternatives with both hands to formulate work that is reasonable yet unignorable.”

Over the years Truecaller has been assisting to authorize consumers to formulate favorable choices. We feel it’s a great time to take this opportunity to the next level and engage with the consumers at a profound level which is beyond just existing a caller ID.

We realize that in the last 7 years, we have just touched the tip of the iceberg and there is so extensively extra that Truecaller has to deliver to ‘Bharat’,” Shoor strengthened


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