Ukraine has more than 3000 Indian hostages: Putin


Putin claimed that Ukraine was holding Indians and using them as a shield against them

The Russian president has now claimed Ukraine by saying that has Indian hostages. Recently President Putin said that Ukraine is holding Indian hostages and using them as a human shield against Russian attacks and don’t allow them to go.

Russia has also blamed Ukraine for stolen evacuation. Whereas Ukraine said that’s not true and Russia is just putting false claims on them and trying to defame Ukraine globally. Ukraine also said that Putin is contentiously attacking us and due to this we are now allowing anyone including our citizens too, to come out or go anywhere and we think that camping out now will not be good for them.   

Where there is a video that came out in which an Indian student was saying that he and lots of other male-female Indian students are stuck there.

He also said that currently I am in Kharkiv railway station and we are standing here for 3 hours and we are not allowed to enter inside the station. One train came and go and we were pulled out from that tarin.

I don’t know why but we are still there and it’s too cold here so it is more tough for us to stand here. We don’t know when will they allow us inside the train. We don’t even know when will situations change, even we don’t have enough food to survive. 

Where another student said that there were approx. eight to 9 hundred students on the border of Romania and it was so difficult to cross boards.

At that time, we don’t have a portion of food to eat or any sanitation facility, students don’t even have any place to sleep so they have to sleep on benches, streets, and on footpaths. there were 0 degrees or even sometimes temperature goes mines in the night.

Sometimes some Ukrainian peoples help us by giving us something to eat.

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Another student said that we are so terrified there, one day I and my friends woke up in the morning at 6’o clock and we saw that the sky was fully covered by smoke, missiles were blushed over airports and in another place.

We didn’t expect that the night before we were enjoying ourselves, doing fun, studying our books, having a meal peacefully and the other day we all are frightened and we all are afraid. We even can go on the online classes because we don’t have any way to access them.   

Whereas yesterday Indian embassy in Ukraine recommended Indian peoples or students who are in Kharkiv to fill out an online form on an urgent basis as a Russian offensive on the Kharkiv continued.

After an hour on this, The Indian Government said that we don’t have received any such report of any hostage situation or regarding any student and we don’t think the claim by president Putin was true but we will make shows that any kind of wrong activity never happened with those peoples who are there and trying to come back. 

Where in Delhi, officials are taking this situation as a difficult time in a conflict zone where Indian citizens are cowering down in the bunkers, underground shelters, and their movements are restricted because there is a curfew-like situation on the streets. The Indian government also said that we don’t want that anyone hurts. 

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