UP elections: Narendra Modi praises Jats as UP polls are approaching


PM Narendra Modi is trying to get Jats on his side as UP polls are less than five months away.

PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday praised and supported the Jat community and its leader Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh.

He formed the Jat community’s first provincial government In Afghanistan during the first world war.

UP elections are approaching, and as the Jat community is against Farm Laws (that is against BJP), Narendra Modi’s speech was for Jats as they will play an essential role in the UP poll.

He talked about the Jat community’s former leader Raja Mahendra Pratap at the foundation-laying ceremony of a university named after Jat leader.

Singh, Modi said many people do not recognize his contribution and role in the freedom struggle.

Narendra Modi mentioned Jat icon Chhotu Ram, Sukhdev in his speech.

Pointing at them, Narendra Modi said, this new generation and their leader must be made aware of contributions and sacrifices of Jat community’s members like Maharaja Suheldev, Choudhary Chhoturam.

The latter was just like Raja Mahendra Pratap. Modi’s intentions for mentioning the Jat community came clear as he talked about former BJP CM Kalyan Singh, who hailed from the district and was a prominent Lodh leader and Hindutva face of BJP.

Modi also visited the Aligarh node of the UP Defense Industrial Corridor. there he said that the objective was to turn India from one of the biggest arms importers in the world to an arms exporter.”

There is also a proposal to manufacture the Brahmos missile at Lucknow node, for which there are plans to invest up to Nine thousand crores over the next few years.’

The Jat community was at the forefront of the ongoing farmer’s protest.

Uttar Pradesh is becoming a massive centre of this transformation, and the PM took pride in this as he is an MP from the state.

He said a dozen and half manufacturing companies would create thousands of jobs and invest hundreds of rupees.

New industries are coming up to support small arms, armaments, drones and aerospace-related products in the Aligarh node of the defence corridor.

It will give unique identities to Aligarh and nearby areas, he said.

“Up till now, people would depend on Aligarh for the safety of their homes and shops (Aligarh is known for its locks).

In the 21st century, Aligarh will protect the country’s borders.

In his speech, Narendra Modi said Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh had contributed to a big piece of land to Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and a technical university in Vrindavan.

Despite this donation, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had noted that Singh’s name did not figure anywhere at AMU.

It is not new for politicians to address issues and solutions and talk about a subject they ignored before elections.

Narendra Modi had ignored the topic of Farm Laws, Jats and their community when protests were at their peak; gunfire was fired at the farmers.

This sudden sympathy and proud feeling for Jats came with the UP elections are near.

The prime minister also praised the Yogi Adityanath government for cracking down on the mafia elements and establishing the rule of law in the state.

Modi was seen either talking about the Farm law protesters (Jats) or praising their government.

He planned to turn the backbone of the farm law protesters to BJP’s side, but Modi does not influence today’s leaders, and they don’t trust them, so it will be interesting to see what Ans Jats have for Narendra Modi’s speech and will it affect the UP elections.

Tanvi Sawant
Tanvi Sawant
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