Vijay Varma reveals Shahrukh Khan wanted to play Hamza in Darlings


Alia Bhatt’s recent release Darlings is been in constant debate for violence against men and invoking domestic violence. The movie was released on the OTT platform and has made decent popularity among viewers as of now.

Actor Vijay Varma is currently enjoying the success of his latest movie Darlings as the Gully Boy actor has received a lot of praise for playing abusive husband Hamza Shaikh in the movie. The film follows Vijay’s Hamza tormenting the lives of Alia Bhatt’s Badrunissa ‘Badru’ Ansari Shaikh and her mother, Shamshunissa ‘Shamshu’ Ansari, played by Shefali Shah.

Shahrukh Khan in Darlings?

In a recent interview, Vijay revealed that Shah Rukh Khan, who also co-produced Darlings under the Red Chillies Entertainment banner by him and his wife Gauri Khan, loved Hamza so much that the Pathaan actor had said he would have played him.

Speaking to Film Companion Local, Vijay said: “I remember someone telling me when Shah Rukh was reading the script he said ‘Agar main young hota to main hi Karta (if I were younger, I would have taken that role)’, which I found interesting to hear.

Darlings mark Jasmeet K. Reen’s directorial debut and also marks Alia Bhatt’s debut as a producer, as she financed the film through her company, Eternal Sunshine Productions.

Vijay Varma’s Upcoming Projects

After Darlings, Vijay will share the screen with Kareena Kapoor Khan in Sujoy Ghosh’s film adaptation of The Devotion of Suspect X. The film marks Kareena’s digital debut and will also stream on Netflix.

The Mirzapur actor also discussed how his screen character was quite similar to Hamza Shahid Kapoor’s character in Kabir Singh, apart from the fact that Hamza never aroused the audience’s empathy. The actor shared, “For a change, an abusive man is not idolized by society. We saw that in cinema in the ’80s and ’90s.” Vijay recounted that people flocked to see Kabir Singh and said Hamza was the “antithesis” of what that film represented.

“That was also one of the reasons why I thought I could play that role if Shah Rukh Khan thinks he can play that role of being an absolute lover and sweetheart. Of course, I was scared to take on a role like that, but I’m really happy that he hit the nail on the head,” said Vijay Varma.

In an exclusive report from Pinkvilla, Vijay has been cast for the Sujoy Ghosh segment in Lust Stories 2. Actor Gully Boy’s character in Lust Stories 2 is very different from what he has portrayed in the past, and the actor-director duo is excited to be working together again on this project. They will start filming soon after landing their lead role for the anthology.

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