Service carrier Vistara is reported to add at least 10 new planes to their existing plane collection, as well as hired at least 1000 employees in the current fiscal year. It’s further reported that Viscera has shelved its plans to fly to the US. It’s reported that Vistara holds more than 5200 staff and has a fleet of at least 61 aircraft. Vistara is reported to merge with Air India.

The CEO of Vistara said that they have a lot of talented and deserving staff, especially cabin crew members and pilots. Their staff is highly capable and efficient to solve any problem and can fulfil all their duties properly and diligently.

Just like airlines company Indigo and Air India, Vistara is looking forward to recruiting more employees. The company wants to be sure about the right employee with the right skill set for the desired job. The company first starts with the usual process of screening, checking or evaluating with proper background checks. There is a huge market for cabin crew, where freshers join. The CEO stated that we attract good talent.

After the fall down of GoFirst airline officially, Vistara recruited around 50 pilots from GoFirst to their company. The CEO of Vistara declared that they need around 1000 staff by the end of this fiscal year. The company has managed to get 1 aircraft out of the 10 aircraft. Out of the 10 aircraft, 3 are wide bodies, rest are A320s

Vistara is a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and Tata Group. The fleet of aircraft has three own aircraft and one leased. The major reason for Vistara planes not flying to the US is the requirement for a lot of aircraft. One single flight from India to the Us will require at least three aircraft daily, they would have to wait for the plane to come back, which will automatically impact other operations. 

A lot of things will be spaced out. After the merger with Air India, Vistara would cease to exist. The CEO of Vistara said that the people who built Vistara will always be respected and appreciated for their hard work.

Vistara was built with a lot of passion, hard work and pain. A lot of hard-earned money was put into its operations and manufacturing. Vistara was built by the sweat, blood and tears of their diligent employees. Vistara is considered a reliable brand for travelling.

The CEO further said “Air India requires employees from Vistara, Air India is growing at a rapid speed. Whether employees have a job is not an issue, the major issue is what job they will be given or they will have.” In November of 2022, Tata Group announced the merger of Vistara with Airindia. Singapore Airlines has a 25.1% stake in Air India. The deal Tata with Singapore Airlines is set to be approved by March 2024 after all the formalities and paperwork.

About the cost of the tickets, the CEO said that the price always depends upon supply and demand. The cost of tickets is high because of the routes of Go FIrst and the seasonal demands of availability. In May, the demand is high and supply is less. The best solution to this is to increase the capacity of a plane or to purchase more planes.

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