West Bengal Continues Restrictions Till the End of September


The West Bengal Government, led by Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee, will extend the Covid 19 restrictions till September 30.

The government protocols state that all outdoor activities, including the movement of people and vehicles, will continue to be prohibited between 11 am and 5 am.

Details on the Restriction and Relaxation Measures

The authorities should strictly follow the regulation stated by the government authorities.

However, the government has clarified that emergency services will be allowed during this period irrespective of time restrictions.

Emergency services mentioned here include health services, law and order, and essential goods, including agricultural produce and food items.

Local train services will continue to remain suspended while the movement of vehicles at night will be strictly prohibited.

The state government has granted permission to let government and private offices function with half the staff members.

The West Bengal Secretariat Nabanna confirmed the official order that the Trinamool Congress government released regarding the Covid 19 restriction and relaxation measures that are already in force and remain until September 30.

The authoritative government bodies have requested citizens to continue practising social distancing measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Citizens should continue wearing masks and comply with the health and hygiene protocols.

District administrators and police will be responsible for all citizens complying and following the government’s rules and regulations.

Any person violating these measures will be liable to proceed against the provisions of the Disaster Management Act 2005.

All employees, management bodies, shop owners, supervisors of offices, other establishments, and workplaces should comply with the Covid19 safety measures, including regular sanitation of the workplace and vaccinations of employees and other necessary forms.

Due to the severity of the situation prevailing in the state, the West Bengal government encourages employees to practice work from home if possible.

The Covid 19 restrictions continue because the executive committee of the West Bengal state disaster management authority has recommended it owing to the spike in the number of active cases.

Current records state that 743 people are tested positive for Covid 19 in Bengal during the past 24 hours, and along with the active cases, 14 people more have been reported to be dead due to the virus.

West Bengal and its Vaccination Procedures

Looking at West Bengal’s vaccination records, West Bengal ranks last in administering the first Covid 19 vaccine doses covering only around 41 per cent of its population receiving it.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has written this issue to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stating that the Centre showed slight bias regarding vaccine doses.

States such as Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka, under Bharatiya Janata Party, have received many vaccine doses compared to the other states.

Statistical data points out that out of 938 million people eligible to get their vaccination dose in the country, around 54 per cent have received only the first dose until September 1.

In contrast to the other states such as Himachal Pradesh which covered 99.6 per cent of its population, Uttarakhand with 81.19 per cent of its people, Kerala with 80.14 per cent, West Bengal has been able to vaccinate only 41.16 per cent of the total eligible population.

Officials also witnessed that the Centre’s allotment of vaccine doses was not proportional to the current population.

Considering all this, the government continues to impose restrictions for the benefit of the population.

These measures are essential to prevent the spread of the virus so that the numbers do not exceed every day.



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