What’s the Hype Behind Gummy Vitamins?


Gummy vitamins are not entirely as bad as you think. It’s actually a convenient and innovative way of getting your daily dose of essential nutrients.

What are Gummy Vitamins ?

These Vitamins have long been in the market ever since we were kids. It was the most effective way for our parents to feed us vitamins and essential nutrients as kids.

Although gummies were not entirely a nutritious element – the likes of gummy bears in the candy aisle- it has always been there to tend to our needs both for health and enjoyment.

Having these vitamins to cure our ailments have been trending for the past four years. According to reports, adults reportedly make up 80% of the gummy vitamin market.

A report from the AARP states that “pill fatigue” is one of the significant reasons adults resort to gummy vitamins. If a person has to eat multiple vitamin supplements per day that they must swallow, this vitamin helps them do that job efficiently.

Which is one of the main reasons behind the substantial growth in the consumption of gummies.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Gummy Vitamins

Doctors explain that creating a gummy vitamin is a lot more challenging than any other kind of medicine, and it is often difficult to gauge the amount of vitamin to add to a gummy. Some gummies are subjected to more nutrients than others.

These Vitamins are also subjected to having one or more grams of sugar, equivalent to the amount you can find in an average candy.

Experts exclaim that although supplements are a good way of getting in additional nutrients into your system, they advise that eating healthy and natural food will be far more effective than the former.

Gummies can also be harmful to your teeth and can become addictive after a period of time. Essentially eaten to get the required dose of vitamins, Gummy Vitamins make it easier to get nutrients into your system without necessarily having to go through the process of eating different kinds of vegetables and fruits.

With their attractive colours and exciting flavours, gummy vitamins are a hit in the health market.

As stated above, gummy vitamins are not entirely unhealthy; but as long as you stick to the dosage advised by the doctor, gummies are actually an excellent and innovative way of fuelling your body.

It’s only when you go overboard with it the problems roll in. But isn’t that the case for all food items, good or bad? Gummy Vitamins are also incredibly convenient to incorporate into your lifestyle.

You can just pop one of them on the go, and the suitable packaging supports a hustling lifestyle.

Moreover, for people who are apprehensive and do not want to eat vitamins, eating gummies will be a smoother process in getting them acquainted with the process because it will be similar to having candy.

Strike a Balance and Have Your Gummy Vitamin

Healthy foods, no matter how nutritious and beneficial they are, are constantly subjected to negative repercussions. As long as you can strike a healthy balance in your lifestyle, you will have the capacity to incorporate all kinds of food into your system.

This is the case for these vitamins, too; it will positively affect your body if you learn how much to eat and control yourself accordingly.

Overall, the gummy vitamins are an extremely successful mechanism to make people and kids take in their vitamins. According to reports, the gummy vitamin market will be worth USD 5.8 billion by 2029.

Online sites like Nykaa, Flipkart and Amazon offer various gummy vitamins that cater to different kinds of ailments. Make sure to have a look at it if it catches your interest, provided that you eat it in moderation!

Yatila Jamir
Yatila Jamir
Yatila Jamir is a 20 year old majoring in English Studies from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. She is one of those many tiny women hailing from a small north-eastern state of India called Nagaland. She takes pride in her culture and also shares a deep interest in knowing more about the different cultural habits of people When not using her family as her lab rats to test her food recipes, Yati enjoys spending time on her own watching the Youtube videos of Inga Lam, Alvin Zhou and Linda Sun who makes her monotonous life a little bit better. Her areas of interest include popular culture, world politics and globalisation. Facebook



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