Why are Sequin Sarees so Shiny in 2021?


What is the Sequin Saree?

Sequin is the word is derived from the Arabic word “Sikka” which means that coins. Sequin is a small-shaped shiny bead. It is a shiny small bead. Sequin fabric is a fabric that is covered with plastic or metal-shaped pieces.

This sequin fabric looks like small shiny coins. These sequin sarees came from the middle east and Mediterranean countries. Sequin saree is known as glittery saree as well.

It is very shiny and sparkling when anyone wears this saree shines so much. It is the fabric that shows the most royalty look.

How to style this saree?

This saree is very shiny and gives great look as well. The color of the saree is very important for the style statement. Depend upon the person how they want to style this saree.

If they wish to wear like saree so drop the pallu on one side because it looks beautiful and visible to the others.

This saree covers everything if you don’t want to wear any jewelry and anything else so don’t worry. If, You wear the only saree is looking pretty also.

Color Contrast of Saree

The colors of the saree are very dark and light. What you wish just drape it. In the B- Town actress every color is shown by them. Even it is light or dark. A shiny look is very important for the style.

Grey is the very not light or dark color but still shine and looks gorgeous on MOUNI ROY. Every color is available in this sequin saree even it is silver as well.

Price of the Saree

The price of the saree depends upon the designer and where do you wish to buy them. Manish Malhotra Designer Sequin Saree costs around INR 1 Lakh to 1.95 Lakh. Everything depends upon the fabric and quality.

Myntra and Ajio etc. other online shopping destination also provides these sarees to the is customers. The amount of the saree is around 3000 to 6000.

Why this saree is so trendy?

This saree is like a spotlight who wear this saree shine like a spotlight. It is not the first time when one saree is popular. But, this saree made everything so shiny and sparkly.

Every Bollywood actresses wear this saree at least one time, especially on the special occasion. It is the real glow of the saree. It is the Indian fabric but still shines always in the world.

Mansi Sharma
Mansi Sharma
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