Woman booked for trying to kill husband, flees with cash and jewellery


In Faridabad, police arrested a woman and two men for allegedly attempting to murder her husband and fleeing with cash, jewellery, and other valuables.

On the night of January 17 and 18, a woman allegedly attempted to murder her husband and fled with cash, jewellery, and other belongings in Faridabad. According to the victim, the woman reportedly slipped sedatives into his food, covered his lips with a blanket, and thrashed him.

The woman and two other males abused him for around 20 minutes when the victim was dizzy. The Hindustan Times (HT) raided the residence and left with cash, jewellery, and belongings, mistaking him for dead Hindustan Times (HT).

His wife flees with a large sum of money

According to police, the incident occurred between January 17 and 18, after the couple had an altercation before dinner. According to HT, the 45-year-old victim used to quarrel with his wife regularly, according to Narender Kadiyan, deputy commissioner of police (crime).

The woman allegedly slipped sedatives into his breakfast, covered his face with a blanket, and beat him for about 20 minutes, according to the victim’s police complaint.

According to investigators, the victim had discovered his wife’s illicit relationship, but things were soon back to normal. He was said to have viewed the other man’s texts, in which he wrote to the woman to get money fast to pay off his debts.

Food laced with sedatives

According to the police officer, the wife gave dinner to her husband at 10 p.m. The sufferer awoke with various injury marks on his body and excruciating discomfort the following day. He became disoriented and fell asleep.

Kadian claimed that his home had been broken into and that his cash, jewellery, and other belongings had been stolen. The sufferer attempted to locate his wife but was unable.

The woman has been charged under Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections 323 (assault), 328 (causing bodily harm by poison), 506 (criminal intimidation), 379B (snatching with physical damage), and 34 (grabbing with bodily injury) (common intention).

An investigation has been initiated, and attempts are being made to apprehend the suspects as soon as possible.

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Edited By – Kritika Kashyap


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