Youth Dies by Sealing His Private Parts with Adhesive


In a bizarre incident from Gujarat, a man allegedly died after using an epoxy adhesive instead of a condom during intercourse.

He Succumbed due to Multiple Organ Failures

According to the police, Salman Mirza, a 25-year-old from Gujarat, checked into a hotel with his girlfriend. The two allegedly decided to have sex but didn’t bring any protection.

To avoid the chances of pregnancy, Mirza used Adhesive to seal his penis with a waterproof glue generally used to bond metals, glass, concrete, ceramics, wood, and plastics to ensure protection during intercourse with his girlfriend.

Salman was later found unconscious in shrubs near the hotel in Juhapura by an acquaintance, Firoz Shaikh, who found him and brought him home.

He was taken to Sola Civil Hospital, where his condition deteriorated, and he succumbed due to multiple organ failures.

“Since they did not have any protection, they decided to apply the adhesive on his private parts to ensure that she does not get pregnant. Consumed drugs and then decided to engage in sexual activity.

They were carrying the adhesive as they occasionally used it with a whitener to inhale the mixture for kick,” as quoted by the Police in The Times of India. There are speculations that the adhesive might be the reason for the death.

Lack of Sex Education

Cases like these suggest the importance of proper Sex Education among people. A resource sheet published by Young Health Programme states that Less than 10% of young men or women had learned about sex from adults, including teachers, health care professionals, or family members.

The most common sources of information for sexual health included peers and the internet. While most youths wanted family life or sex education (83% of young men and 78% of young women), only 15% report receiving any family life or sex education.

An article published in Healthline to make people aware of the factors and risks to keep in mind while having intercourse which forbade the use of substances like sandwich bags, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, balloons as they are harmful.

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