1o Must-Watch Relatable Indian Web Series on YouTube


With Netflix, Amazon Prime and all the other services, our lives revolve around web series from all over the world.

But, do we love something that we have to pay for? No! Thanks to YouTube for offering something fantastic without having to pay any price for it.

Here, we have ten must-watch web series from India available on YouTube:

Please Find Attached

This mini-series promises to bring a smile to your face. The series is a tale of a beautiful bond between two colleagues who decide to be flatmates.

The story traces two young millennials struggling to find the right work-life balance. The series has just three episodes with a run time of 20 minutes.

IMDb Rating- 9.2/10

The ‘Other’ Love Story

The ‘Other’ Love Story is an entirely out of the box Kannada-English web series about a budding romance between two women.

The series traces an unconventional love story between two neighbours. The two women try to find themselves in this overwhelming crowded world.

The web series beautifully subtly portrays the concept rather than sensationalising it.

IMDb Rating- 8.9/10

The Aam Aadmi Family

The web series showcases a typical North-Indian family that mirrors almost all North Indian families.

The humour is relatable to all. After all, every family has similar problems.

The story portrays a middle-class family with a gossip loving grandmother, a sanskaari mother and two grown-up kids dealing with their middle-classness in the best way possible.

IMDb Rating- 8.5/10

Little Things

This cute and romantic web series is one of the most adorable web series. The series revolves around the little things that make or break a relationship.

The Little Things has three seasons exploring different themes from Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) to personal and professional crises.

The series beautifully explores the social structures of metro cities while commenting on how urbanisation has resulted in a loss of humanity.

IMDb Rating- 8.3/10


This web series set inside a corporate office deserves a chance if you are looking for a refreshing change.

The series beautifully showcases the story of a fresher at work. The lead character tries to adult among friends and colleagues while confronting his first job, first salary, first love and other firsts.

IMDb Rating- 8.3/10


The series showcases a coming-of-age story of two women sharing an apartment in Mumbai.

The two women are trying to transition to adulthood in the smoothest way possible. They have taken the responsibility of being independent adults for the first time.

Every youngster would relate to these twenty-something women’s daily life and shenanigans, trying to balance their life through the urban hustle.

IMDb Rating- 7.6/10

What the Folks

What the Folks is a 5-episode series that you can watch with your parents. The series is different from other web series and brings a refreshing change.

The series revolves around a newly-wed couple who has everything figured out in their lives. Things begin to fall when the husband has to come to live with the wife’s parents.

The story highlights how the new family sorts out everything after a few adjustments and leads a happy life.

IMDb Rating- 7.5/10

Official Chukyagiri

This cute web series revolves around Spandan Chukya, a small-town guy struggling to get into a city.

Spandan moves from Meerut to Mumbai for an internship, and the guy’s city life does not seem smooth.

The poor lad struggles everywhere, from office space to romance to politics.

The story beautifully shows the guy realising that every dream comes with a price, every choice has a consequence, and each win comes from a sacrifice.

IMDb Rating- 7.1/10


Livin’ is a Tamil series proving to be a majestic move for Tamil entertainment. The series is about a couple who has just moved in together.

The couple soon realises that life is not as rosy as it seems to be. The series does not show any stereotypical gender roles and boldly comments on patriarchy.

The story sheds light on the pros and cons of a live-in relationship.

Viewers’ Rating- 3.5/5

Watching relatable movies not only help us escape our lives and problems for some time.

But they also have some non-obvious benefits like helping us make sense of our own lives.

Relatable media is a catalyst for healing and growth if one is open to learning.  It does not matter if you are watching something abuzz or old; the results are identical- a sense of relief.

Ankita Gautam
Ankita Gautam
Ankita Gautam aka AnkiTam, is an Educator, who learns by reading and expresses by writing. She has been an avid reader, writer, speaker, learner, and observer ever since. A science background could never stop her from grasping the nitty-gritties of fashion, technology, and trending news. She finds her solace in magazines and newspapers. Being an ambivert, she is blessed to be flexible in knowing when to talk and when to listen. She is an opinionated personality with an optimal level of compassion and empathy. She can be easily found entertaining people with her wordplays and also with her wry sense of humor. She is a pantomath, who wants to know everything.



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