The Power of Smile – A Free Therapy :)


A smile is all it takes to enhance your mood, health and energy. Smile is all it takes to make someone’s day better. A smile is all it takes to make a change in this world. A smile has the power to impact that ripple past our surroundings.

Power is given to things that have the energy to change, affect or influence intensively, and a smile is one of those. 

A smile is a significant sign of happiness, joy, of hope and spreads positivity. Smile is a short distance between two humans. It extends the messages of ‚Äúall is well!‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúEverything will be okay!‚ÄĚ

As you’re reading this, I urge you to smile! Just give it a try, and there is that slight curve. Do you feel that too? 

Yes, you feel your smiles in your cheeks; you feel happy, amazed, and feel lighter and carefree‚ÄĒno wonder why kids are cute and have a satisfying smile.¬†

Smiling and Social well-being walk hand in hand!

The Power of Smile - A free therapy :)
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A smile signals warmth, social acceptance and affection. Smile, when shared with others, is even more potent than thought. 

Isn’t it amazing how a curve on your face can make someone’s day better? A smile makes those around us feel accepted, wanted and welcome. 

I‚Äôm sure everyone once in their lifetime would have come across ‚Äútreat others the way you want them to treat you.‚ÄĚ as the Golden rule of life.

And the fun fact is, it applies to smile as well and isn’t that what everyone is ultimately looking for in their life? Happiness, which begins with a smile. 

Peace starts with a smile. 

Smile is Contagious, just like yawn!

How often has it happened that you were in a bitter mood and someone just came to you and smiled at you? An infant crawling on the bed and laughing at you? I’m sure you couldn’t help but smile. 

Smile has the power to lift your mood, your energy and your vibes. A smile is undoubtedly a beautiful emotion and gives the brain the ability to interpret other’s expressions and attitudes. 

Smile has the power to calm anxiety, fear, pain and hurt, not only in yourself but everyone around you. Yes! It is proven scientifically that your smile is contagious, just like your yawn! 

Smile at the world, and the world will smile at you. 

Smile more, Live longer, Grow old happily! 

The Power of Smile - A free therapy :)
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The secret behind long life is that attractive smile. The most spellbinding reason is that it may help you live longer. 

More often, Happy people seem to smile more and live a healthy life. 

Researchers have proven happiness can increase your life span, suggesting you live a more positive mood and healthy lifestyle. 

Wrinkles are something no one would want to have as permanent marks. It is something that comes to us with permanent patterns of our emotional feelings.

Smiling doesn’t mean not having wrinkles but means you will have permanent effects of happiness, and when you speak in later life, you would be smiling automatically. 

You will also use fewer muscles to smile than frown. I’m sure you must’ve tried it right now; if not, go ahead.

You’ll conclude that smiling is more effortless than frowning, hence stretching your muscles and skinless is the secret to happy old age. 

Smiling makes you look younger and youthful. 

Want to look Attractive? Simple, Smile!

We are, as expected, attracted to people who are often wearing a smile on their faces. This one is no brainstormer; think how drawn you are towards people who carry negative facial expressions like frowns, sadness, angry, low.

They work in opposite directions, pushing people away as an impact. 

The smiling version of people seems more attractive and have positive personality traits. 

The Power of Smile - A free therapy :)
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Smile for Success! 

Research has proven that those who smile more tend to be more successful and approachable as they look more confident. 

Business is often done simply through smiling. Sales and Marketing persons quickly learn the art of the smile. Try wearing a smile to your meetings and workplace; you’d see people respond differently to you. 

A smiling person may have more zeal to learn and be successful and confident in life. 

Plan towards Smile! 

  • Smile:¬†It‚Äôs not that hard.¬†
  • Think of your happy moments¬†
  • DO IT! NOW! ūüôā

Smile More; it looks good on you. So, don’t forget to smile! 

Radhika Aggarwal
Radhika Aggarwal
Hi Peeps! I'm a student at the Convent of Holy Child Auxilium School who aspires to be a designer yet loves writing content or playing with words and not numbers. Yeah, Because I'm bad at it, I guess. I don't know what do I call myself? A content writer or a bookworm, or an artist? But for sure, I'm all of them. I have been working in all the fields and polishing my skills so far. Yes, those are the perks of being so disoriented and chaotic. Anyways, Below are my opinions, and everyone has their own. Your and my opinions might differ, but communication doesn't end there. A few of you might communicate with words, while others with art, some with dance and others with actions, a connection is all that is needed. So wish to reach out to me? I'm right here. (Or check out my art page on Instagram) Till then, Fly high! Smile Wide! and Yes, STAY SAFE!ūüíõ



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