Aryan Khan, the elder son of Shah Rukh Khan, is all ready to set his feet into the entrepreneurial world. Days after announcing his directorial debut, the star son announced his brand named D’YAVOL.

Aryan Khan with his friends turned business partners, conceptualized the brand as one that will produce various products across lifestyle, fashion, and beverage categories and also host exclusive events.


The first product of this brand has been launched in Maharashtra. The brand is offering D’YAVOL Vodka in partnership with AB InBev. This is the first of many products that they have conceptualized. They are planning to launch other beverages and also a limited edition clothing line.

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The Vision of the Brand

In an interview for his brand launch, Aryan Khan explained his vision for the brand as one that will be relatable and cool. The aim is to offer premium quality products across categories that come under the umbrella of this brand that Aryan has created with his friends. The brand also aims to produce things with a twist synonymous with the brand.

The founders expressed that five years of effort were put into the conceptualization and execution and the hope is to reach a global market where people are keen on purchasing luxury products with premium lifestyle experiences. Aryan said the idea came to him while he was still a student and pursuing his education at USC California.

Aryan Khan said that he has discovered a space in the current market situation that can be explored with the products that are in line. Currently, the market is offering products for consumers who fall in the ‘mature’ category and look for products with high quality and heritage value, or for the consumers that mostly contain the youth and are offered products that are ‘quirky’ in nature. The products in line with this brand will aim to fill in the void that is there between the needs of these two distinct groups of consumers.

AB InBev, while commenting on their partnership with the brand, said that they are trying to explore the category of products that aim for premiumization. The products perfectly fit into their aim of going ‘Beyond Beer’ in India. The D’YAVOL Vodka is a single-estate liquid made from 100% Winter Wheat.

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Aryan on his family’s reaction

Aryan is soon to start working on a web series that is supposed to go on the floor in March of next year and now that he has announced the launch of his brand, it can be concluded that he has kickstarted his life, especially his career, with a bang. When asked about his parent’s reaction, he said that his parents are extremely encouraging about the new ventures. He further added that when one knows one’s passion, one can make it into a business. That is because the business then becomes personal, and is bound to flourish.

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Aryan’s mother, Gauri Khan has achieved her share of success in the field of design, and his father, Shah Rukh Khan has gained worldwide fame with his acting skills. Aryan said, “The commonality between the family is that they believe in following what you’re passionate about”

After Maharashtra, the brand is all set to launch in other states and will be available in Premium Liquor Stores and high-end bars.



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