4 hostile alien civilizations may lurk in the Milky Way, a new study suggests 


There may be 4 alien civilizations in Milky Way.
There may be 4 alien civilizations in Milky Way.
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Scientists want to disregard Stephen Hawking and send a radio transmission giving Earth’s position far into space (Milky Way), hoping that it may be heard and understood by an extraterrestrial civilization. The world-renowned scientist has constantly cautioned against this, warning that it may attract hostile alien life, which may wipe out humanity. 

Now, a Spanish researcher has offered an approximate estimate of how many ‘malicious extraterrestrial civilizations’ he believes are hiding in the Milky Way, claiming four such groupings of wicked aliens may attack Earth. 

Although this may seem frightening, it is based on estimates that our galaxy may contain up to 15,785 civilizations in total. 

Alberto Caballero, a Ph.D. student at the University of Vigo in Spain, wrote the study article, which was not peer-reviewed. 

He said that we could send 18,000 interstellar communications to various exoplanets in the Milky Way as well as the chances of our demise would be approximately the same as Earth being struck by a ‘global catastrophe asteroid.’ 

Caballero was also the lead author of the second research published earlier in the month in Cambridge University’s peer-reviewed International Journal of Astrobiology. 

The purpose of this study was to determine the origin of the famed WOW! Signal, which some say was created by an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization. 

Caballero’s latest thought experiment has ‘some limits,’ according to him since he made several assumptions that make it impossible to tell whether his calculations are valid. 

He arrived at his conclusion after first examining how several times a country has attacked another country in the previous 50 years. 

Caballero then used this information to determine the number of confirmed and predicted exoplanets, as well as possibly habitable exoplanets. 

He based it on an estimate by Claudio Maccone of the Italian SETI Institute that there might be up to 15,785 cultures and civilizations in the Milky Way. 

Caballero concluded that the likelihood of hostile aliens visiting Earth was low to extremely low. 

‘The likelihood of alien invasion by a civilization whose planet we message is therefore almost two orders of magnitude smaller than that of the probability of a planet-killer asteroid impact,’ he said in the report. 

Caballero also said that there is probably just one hostile alien culture in the Milky Way that has perfected interstellar travel. 

He also said that as human culture has improved, there have been fewer invasions, implying that extraterrestrial civilizations capable of destroying our planet would have been less keen on doing so as they grow technologically. 


Tharun Pranav
Tharun Pranav
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