5 Children Died Due To The Poor Well Water Situation In Sirohi


While researching the death of 5 children from Phulabai Khera and Beraphali villages in the Pindwara block of Sirohi, due to a ‘mysterious’ disease, the health department came across a problem faced by the village. According to the villagers, the well water in that area is of poor quality. However, the water had been sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune for some research and they found out that the water consumed by the children does not contain any viral or bacterial infections.

“We had sent the samples collected from the children of the village to NIV Pune. We received the reports and it was mentioned that no viral infection was detected in the samples” said Doctor Rajesh Kumar, Chief medical health officer (Sirohi). The children who died of this disease belonged to the age group of 10-15 years and the health department is conducting a door-to-door survey in the village to discover if other children are suffering from the same symptoms.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar said that till now there are no more such complaints from the village of children falling sick. The health department has also sent the samples of well water to the mount Abu laboratory. The lab report came back and poor quality of water has been found in the report, they have chlorinated the wells to clean the water. After completing this whole process, we have again taken some samples and sent them to the laboratory for further results.

Edited By: Khushi Thakur

Published By: Mohammed Anees


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