Team India has not had a fantastic year in 2022. They experienced six heartbreaking losses this year. One of them was the defeat to Bangladesh on Sunday. Bangladesh defeated the Indian squad by just one wicket.

The Indian fans were reminded of their country’s T20 World Cup semifinal loss to England in Adelaide 25 days prior to this defeat in the opening game of the ODI series.


 Then England beat us by 10 wickets. Prior to that, Team India was eliminated in the Super-4 round of the Asia Cup after losing to Pakistan and Sri Lanka. There are some defeats as well, which along with Team India, their fans would also like to forget.

Today, we’ll talk about a few of Team India’s tragic losses. Learn how the joy of 43 victories in the trio was offset by the anguish of 6 defeats. Before that, check out this year’s Team India trio.

Indian cricket team in 2022

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played 67 games this year, winning 43 and losing 20. This year, Team India competed in 67 games across all three forms. won 43, lost 20 and tied. Due to weather, 3 matches ended in ties and 1 match was a tie.

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This is how team India performed this year

read on to learn about those devastating 6 losses.

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6. From South Africa lost the Test series 1-2.

Team India traveled to South Africa in December 2021 to play 3 Test matches and 3 ODIs. India scored 113 runs to win the opening Test of the series. This triumph brought 2021 to an end.

Then 2022 arrived. In both the first Test of the year and the second Test of the series, South Africa defeated us by a score of 7 wickets.

South Africa reached the 243-run goal on the fourth day with just 3 wickets lost on bumpy ground. Due to the presence of quick bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, and Siraj in Indian bowling, this issue also gains significance.

Africa also trounced India by 7 wickets in the previous Test, as if this setback wasn’t bad enough. The Indian bowlers this time defending the target of 212 runs on the fourth day yearned for wickets. African batsmen achieved the target in 63.3 overs.

5. ODI series also lost 3-0

South Africa defeated India in the ODI series 3-0 after losing the Test series. By 31 runs in the first ODI and by 7 wickets in the second, Africa prevailed.

The third ODI followed, and we suffered our first heartbreaking loss in ODIs this year. India lost 6 wickets for a loss of 210 runs while chasing the target of 288 runs.

Deepak Chahar extended the innings with tailenders. He scored 54 off 34 balls but was dismissed as the 8th wicket at the score of 278. To win, 10 runs were needed in 17 balls.

A victory was visible. But, the last 2 batters of the team were dismissed after scoring 5 runs. In this way, in the first 5 matches of 2022, we had to face defeat 5 times.

4. Kohli captained England in the series’ fifth test, which they lost

Source: Mint

In the five-match Test series in England in August 2021, India took a 2-1 lead. Due to the hectic timetable, only four tests could be completed at that time; the fifth test was postponed to June 2022.

In the opening frame of the fifth test, India scored 416 runs. For 284 runs, England was bowled out in the second innings. India was all out for 245 runs in the third inning, setting England a 378-run target.

While defending in the fourth innings, India sent 3 English batters to the pavilion for 109 runs. Felt like India would win the match.

Former England captain Joe Root and wicketkeeper Johnny Bairstow, who came to bat again, broke India’s dream of winning the series in England.

Both scored a century and shared a partnership of 269 runs on 316 balls. Defeated India by 7 wickets. India was winning the match till the fourth day, but everything changed on the last day. The series ended in a 2–2 draw.

3. Out of Super-4 of Asia Cup

Team India, who had previously won seven Asia Cup championships, traveled to the UAE to claim their eighth crown.

The team made its strong intentions known by defeating Pakistan in the first game by a margin of five wickets. After beating Hong Kong in the second match, we advanced to the Super-4 round.

The matchup with Sri Lanka was next. To proceed to the championship game, the contest has to be won. India scored 173 runs and claimed 8 wickets in 20 overs.

We responded by limiting Sri Lanka to 110 for 4 with 14.1 overs. Ultimately, 21 runs and 12 balls were needed. In the 19th over, Bhuvi gave up 14 runs, and Arshdeep failed to hold on to 7 runs in the final over. India missed the championship race after suffering two losses in the Super-4.

2. T-20 World Cup semi-final losers 

Team India arrived in Australia with the goal of winning the T-20 World Cup, disregarding all previous setbacks. India won four of its five group-stage games to advance to the semifinals.

In Adelaide, Team India defeated England with 168 runs for 6 wickets in the semifinal match. In response, England with all 10 wickets in 16 overs reached the mark.

Jos Buttler, the team’s leading scorer for England, got 80 points, and Alex Hales added 86. Indian bowlers were evidently eager to score during the game. He was unable to achieve even a single victory.

A cricket expert compared this defeat to Pakistan’s 10-wicket loss in the T20 World Cup of 2021 as being more traumatic. Due to this, Team India was unable to advance to the finals of two international competitions in 2022.

..And now Bangladesh defeated in ODIs after 7 years

2 defeats in the multi-nation tournament, a loss in the Test-ODI series to South Africa, and losing the 5th Test to England were not enough that Team India even took Bangladesh by one wicket in ODIs.

Thanks to Lokesh Rahul’s 73 runs, Team India gave a target of 184 runs to Bangladesh. Due to the performance of the bowlers, the team dropped Bangladesh’s 9 wickets for 136 runs

Mehdi Hasan Miraj, who was at the crease, then shared a 51-run partnership with Mustafizur Rahman for the last wicket. Poor fielding and dropped catches in the last over resulted in the second-ranked team India losing to seventh-ranked Bangladesh in the ICC rankings. In this way, Team India had to face a painful defeat in the initial and last months of the year.

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