Biden sanctions 713$ million in new aid package for Russia 


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713$ million in new aid package: Since the beginning of the Ukraine war, the U.S has sent nearly 3.7$ bn USD in arms, ammunition, and other necessary supplies to Ukraine. During the visit by U.S Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and secretary of State Antony Blinken to Kyiv on Monday, they announced the Biden administration’s plans to allocate more 713$ million in a new aid package to be given to Ukraine. 

It has been clear from the beginning that without the advanced weaponry being provided by western nations, Ukraine would have a really hard time dealing with the invading Russian forces.  

The active involvement of the U.S in supplying new state-of-the-art weapons to Ukraine has been responsible for Kyiv’s strong defense capabilities. 

The change In the nature of war. 

As the Russian offensive changes course now in the East and South of the country, the nature of the war has been changed. 

Previously Russia’s forces were deployed in the wooded outskirts of Kyiv, making them susceptible to Ukrainian ambushes and Guerrilla attacks but now with the war raging in Donbas, Ukraine faces a strong Russian Ground assault, as Russia targets its industrial cities and complexes in an effort to cripple Ukraine’s infrastructure. 

With the current proceedings of Russian troops, President Zelenskyy had called for the supply of heavy cannons like Howitzer’s, tanks, and military air-crafts to combat the invaders.  

The duo of U.S diplomats visiting Kyiv on Monday delivered his requirements. U.S secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin informed president Zelenskyy about the arrival of the first consignment of Howitzer’s into the country in addition to seven more such consignment routes within the next few days. 713$ million in new aid package has also been announced by the diplomat duos. 

Ukrainian troops are also receiving training in using American equipment in a third nation, which cannot be quoted citing security reasons. 

Renewed Diplomatic presence 

In the wake of the Russian offensive in the Donbas region, all Russian troops around Kyiv have been evacuated, thereby sending foreign ministries scrambling for maintaining a diplomatic presence in the war-torn country of Ukraine. 

Biden administration has announced the nomination of a new U.S ambassador for Ukraine by the name of Bridget Brink, currently the U.S ambassador of Slovakia.  

With prior experience in working in European countries, Bridget is suitable for handling the course of events in Ukraine. 

This is the first-time U.S nominated a candidate for ambassador in Ukraine after late president Donald Trump fired ambassador Marie Yovanovich in 2018.  

Since the start of the Ukraine invasion in February, the absence of a U.S ambassador in the country has necessarily ceded the United States’ direct influence in the proceedings of the war. 

The 713$ million aid package 

The 713$ million aid package announced by representatives of Washington on Monday, is a joint venture by more than 40 nations, in order to provide Ukraine with all the necessary equipment it requires to combat the Russian offensive in Donbas. 

Russia’s invasion has uprooted the economies and security in many neighboring countries. Washington’s new aid package is aimed to help these countries regain their footing and also to mobilize on a much better scale against Russian invaders. 

Of the total 713 million packages, nearly 322 million are specifically for Kyiv, and it not only contains arms and ammunition but also cash that these countries need the most to fund their military requirements as per their interests.  

The U.S will also supply Ukraine with 165 million dollars worth of non-U.S made ammunition compatible with Russian weapons, that Ukrainian soldiers commonly use.  


With the constant support from U.S both Military and Economic, Ukraine is gaining an upper hand in the war. 

Despite being invaded by a technologically superior army, Ukraine has more support than Russia. And with the U.S constantly advocating for Ukraine on International platforms, there is more chance of Ukraine emerging victorious in the outcome of the current conflict. 

Published By: Simran Mulani

Edit By: Khushi thakur



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