Adani Total Gas Shares Reached a Record High


Shares of Adani Total Gas reached a new all-time high for the second consecutive session on BSE today, climbing 4.82% intraday to Rs 2,845 from the previous closing of Rs 2,714.15.

Shares of Adani Total Gas set a new all-time high on the BSE today for the second trading day in a row, gaining 4.82% throughout the course of the trading day to reach Rs 2,845 from the previous day’s closing price of Rs 2,714.15.

Stockholders Dividends

Adani Total has decided that the 15th of July will be the record date to determine whether stockholders are eligible for dividends. The dividend will be paid out on or after the 28th of July, at the latest. For the next fiscal year (FY22), Adani Total has declared a dividend in the amount of Re 0.25 for each equity share with a face value of Re 1 that is fully paid up. This represents a pay-out rate of 25%.

After the Adani Group announced its entrance into the competition to buy the telecom spectrum, the attitude around the stock was likewise optimistic. The spectrum will be used to establish a private network to service various companies, including airports, power plants, and cloud services.

Adani Group released a statement on Saturday that said, “We are one of the numerous applicants engaging in the open bidding process as India prepares to bring out next-generation 5G services via this auction.”

Adani Total Gas Shares

As a consequence of this, Adani’s Total Gas shares jumped 9.0 percent, reaching a new all-time high price of Rs 2,775.85 in the previous trading session. After the news was made on July 8, 2022, other equities belonging to the Adani Group increased by as much as 12 percent (Adani Green Energy).

According to information from the BSE, the company traded at a price-to-earnings ratio of 542.56 and a price-to-book ratio of 97.81. A higher P/E ratio indicates that investors are ready to pay a higher price because they anticipate more future growth. The price-to-book ratio reveals the intrinsic worth of a firm and is a measure of the price investors are willing to pay even if the business does not expand.






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