Afghanistan: Is War Over, or A Silence before the Storm?


The aid operations since the American occupation in Afghanistan started. United Nations (UN) had done an extensive aid operation for the citizens. The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) scheduled an emergency meeting for Monday morning after the Taliban appeared to control Afghanistan.

With a raising question of who will fill the power vacuum left by US Evacuation?

After the Taliban takeover and declaring itself a legitimate power and authority of Afghanistan, it remains unclear how the United Nations would regard the Taliban.

The UN employs roughly 3,000 employees who are Afghan and about 720 international staff members in the nation, but around held of the international staff have been working outside the country since the pandemic started last year.

Still, till now UN has no plans to evacuate any staff members from Afghanistan.The second meeting in a row after the chaotic situation in Afghanistan, UNSC hold a meeting on 16th August on the matter.

At UNSC, India said that as a neighbour of Afghanistan, the current situation in the war-torn country is a significant concern and hoped that there is an inclusive dispensation that represents all sections of the society. 

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said there had been horrifying reports of severe restrictions on human rights emerging across the country.

Afghanistan’ Permanent Representative to the UN, Ghulam Isaczai, said they are highly concerned about the Taliban’s commitments and promised to honour civil rights made earlier. 

India emphasizes the welfare and well-being of the Afghan people.

India has been especially concerned about the terror groups linked to Pakistan and using Afghan soil to spread terrorism in India.

India’s Permanent Representative TS Tirumurthi made a statement where he mentioned the current prevailing situation in Afghanistan—stating that India has been engaged in development projects in each of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.

Also adding to it, he talked about human rights and international humanitarian law circumstances arising in Afghanistan. India emphasizes it has been on welfare and the well-being of the Afghan people.  

One of the declared core Indian Interests in Afghanistan has been its importance alliance for regional connectivity. The whole idea of the US New Silk Road Strategy was to link Central Asia and South Asia via Afghanistan through trade, transit and energy routes.

India has enjoyed friendly diplomatic ties with Afghanistan for a long time. Since the last decade, India has provided much-needed developmental assistance regarding investments and bilateral trade. 

Indian Government has invested more than $3 billion in Afghanistan. It includes investments in over 400 infrastructure projects across all provinces in the country. Thus, India has played an active role in the nation rebuilding process over the last decades.

Also, Afghanistan has been a critical strategic ally for India in South Asia. India is concerned that all the developments and crucial strategies built in recent times will go in vain with recent developments.

Securing Indians, trouble-causing militant and terrorist base in Pakistan along Indian borders and Threat of Radicalization in the neighbourhood can complicate the internal situation of India, raising issues of National Security. 

After US Evacuation, Who will fill the Power Vacuum in Afghanistan?

All headlines focus on Afghanistan and the fall of Kabul. While on the other hand, China is ready to deepen “friendly and cooperative” relations with the Taliban. On Monday, China said they welcome the chance to deepen ties with Afghanistan.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told the reporters that the Taliban have repeatedly expressed their hopes to develop good hope with China. They look forward to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan. Hua called the Taliban to ensure

Afghans and foreign citizens’ safety and a smooth transition of power. While Other nations, including the US, UK and EU nations, are rushing to evacuate their people. China embassy in Kabul remains operational.

Pakistan’s Diplomatic Support 

Even several terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda, Daesh, Jaish-e-Mohammed and several others, have Pakistan. Islamabad believes in the zero-sum game as India’s expanding soft-power; they were not happy.

They wanted India’s presence cut to size. It has made every possible effort to keep India out of the game. 

The US included the US, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan, in a quad alliance for peacemaking in the region, not India, even though Secretary Blinken would call India a credible partner. 

As such, the vacuum created by the US exit has opened the door for US rivals Russia and China to fill the gap.

Kiran Maharana
Kiran Maharana
Computer science has revolutionized and reshaped how our species has socially and economically developed over the past century. Despite an ever-widening field of computer science for the 21st-century student, I feel it is undoubtedly the most influential and concrete foundation of the society we live in today. I am being an Engineering Student Pursuing B.E. Information Technology with Specialization in Data Science, due to which I'm very passionate about statistics. In current turmoil state and ongoing chaos in politics with propaganda and manipulative media, I wanted to give a vision to people through statistics and data where people can build their view and understand not just with authors words but through actual ground figures. Believing in situations through which we evolve, I always try to be even-handed to deliver my state of the story.



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