Ahmad Shah Massoud: The Farishta of Panjshir


The anti-Soviet resistance in Afghanistan recognized Ahmad Shah Massoud as one of their prominent leaders. He was known as the ‘Lion of Panjshir’ and plays an essential role in building one of the most potent resistance forces against the Taliban.

Ahmad Massoud leads the National Resistance Front in Afghanistan. He resembles his father’s appearance and has been following his father’s footsteps in commanding the militia within the valley. 

He received the highest civilian award in Tajikistan and has contributed to sending a solid strong message to the Taliban on the urgent need to develop an inclusive government.  

Badakhshan separates Tajikistan from Panjshir, Uzbeks and Tajiks majorly live in this region of the country. Both the Talibs and the Soviets failed to capture Panjshir back in the 80s and 90s. 

Ahmad Massoud has been accompanying his father from a very young age and is well aware of the policies followed by his father and his followers.

Ahmad Shah contributed towards overcoming the Soviets and the Talibs over the years. Under his command, his followers opposed the jihadis.  

Massoud was assassinated two days before the attack on the World Trade Centre, and both these events seem to be connected.

A suicide squad from Al-Qaeda posed as journalists who were to take an interview of Massoud are held responsible for his death.

It is since his assassination that an era of bloodshed and uncertainty has started. Ahmad Shah is considered to be one of the most influential mujahideen commanders within the nation.

However, his son has been strengthening the force to resist these jihadists for the most prolonged period possible.  

The nom de guerre of Massoud was given to him by himself, which means the beneficiary of the chosen one. Under his son’s command, Panjshir valley became one of the safest locations in Afghanistan since 2001. 

The resistance group did not stop after Massoud’s assassination and kept fighting towards providing the public with a safer environment to live in.

Last Monday, the Taliban claimed to have taken complete control over the nation after taking over Panjshir Valley.

However, Ahmad Massoud states that he and his forces will stay in Panjshir and resist the Talibs. The capture of Panjshir Valley plays an essential role in the Taliban’s capture of the nation.  

Massoud has further appealed to the nation’s citizens to engage in a national uprising to fight against the Taliban and get freedom from them.

Panjshir is a tiny province in Afghanistan; it is associated with some famous legends belonging to this land.

At present, Ahmad Massoud is being accompanied by Amrullah Saleh, and they will fight against the odds to resist Talibs.

Ahmad Shah strictly rejected the fundamentalist interpretation of Islam by the Taliban, and his son follows the same.

Being the son of a national hero comes with many responsibilities that Massoud has to live up. 

Poulami Sarkar
Poulami Sarkar
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