Taliban warns resistance alliance, headed to capture Panjshir.


Panjshir, the only district which had never fallen to the Taliban, has been encompassed by the Talibani fighters.

Taliban on Sunday reported that they are ready to set a new government soon and are heading to Panjshir after a talk with the resistance alliance via Twitter.

Taliban fighters surrounded Panjshir entrance, which is the only part of Afghanistan that is not controlled by the Taliban’s.

To retaliate this, Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the resistant alliance, which is the new version of the Northern Alliance, has said that they will not surrender, and locals are ready to fight for their land.

He also said that they do not want war and can negotiate. He told Al Arabiya that if the Taliban try to seize Panjshir, they are ready to resist.

Amarullah Saleh recently declared himself as the new caretaker of Afghanistan after the runout of Ashraf Ghani.

He cleared his vision on the Taliban by tweeting that he will never bow down to Talibani rule and betray the soul of his former leader Ahmad Shah Massoud, the commander, the legend and the guide.

Massive fighting occurred in Andarab, a southern district in Baghlan province of Afghanistan, between the Taliban and the resistance alliance.

The resistance alliance took over Banu, Pol-e-Hesar, De Salah from the Taliban’s capture. As per the sources, around 300 Taliban fighters have been killed and injured.

After which, the troops headed to Panjshir, surrounding the alliance and warning them to surrender; otherwise, they would be punished.

Massoud made himself clear and said they would fight for their land, and there is no such word(surrender) in their dictionary.

Taliban capture on Afghanistan

Last week Taliban captured a significant district of Afghanistan after US troops withdrew their army after 20 years, making a win for the Taliban to take over Afghanistan.

In April, the Taliban had already taken control of 73 districts of 421 nationwide. Since then, they have tried to impose Shariya law to govern the country, in which women are not allowed to work, study and move outside without a hijab.

Many countries have not given Taliban rule a legitimate signal.

What is the Resistance Alliance?

In 1980 and 1990, the Northern Alliance, headed by Ahmad Shah Massoud, ‘lion of panjshir’, fought and won against Soviet and Taliban rule.

The resistance alliance, a new version of the northern coalition, is headed by Ahmad Shah Massoud and other army leaders of the country. Panjshir is their epicentre.

As per the sources, they have 6,000 fighters and some left out helicopters and army weapons by the Soviet army.

Ahmad Massoud, the leader, said that everyone is ready to fight and urged for joint public support.

Panjshir History:

The region is located 150 km from Kabul. The Panjshir majorly belong to the Tajik ethnic.

The geographic advantage over Panjshir valley is that it is tucked in the Hindu Kush Mountain range, only accessible through a narrow pass formed by the Panjshir river, which makes it an idle place to survive from enemies. Panjshir is the only district that soviet and Taliban fighters have not controlled.

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