Airtel Black: A Paradigm Shift in the Digital Lifestyle


Airtel Black, a customized plan with multiple connectivity options, including DTH and mobile phones, has introduced a paradigm shift towards a digital revolution where one can make numerous bills through a single platform. 

The digital shift in the lifestyle introduced by the telecommunication industry is a revolution introduced in India merely two decades ago.

Still, it has proved its worth with time by making itself the most significant enabler in the country. The seamless growth in healthcare, trade, education, and e-commerce has also come up with unbeatable connectivity.

The year 2020-21 is a digital year when we maintained our work and were able to make bread and butter due to the seamless digital connectivity.

Again, the digital world proved to be a backbone for accomplishing various things like virtual classrooms, online shopping, and digital entertainment to work from home safely. And this connectivity now became a part of daily routine tasks.  

Airtel Black:  

Airtel Black, a new name, has been introduced to the telecommunication industry. The features show that the telecom operators are trying every stone to be turned to improve the lifestyle through cellular technology by making connectivity throughout the digital connectivity.

This time, Airtel emerged as a flag bearer in cellular connectivity with its latest offering to enhance customer connectivity. As it comes with an all-in-one solution, Airtel-Black allows its user to add on multiple bills by combining all the services.

That means one account for all were; a single bill shall ensure the entire activity and provide easy management.

In its new offering by Airtel, one can select plans as per once, i.e., now it has come up with a customized plan. The question here arises how will it work, and how much connectivity shall it provide?  

Multiple services in a single bill:  

It is very well known that the number of potential Airtel users across India is vast, and this time, Airtel has introduced that the customer can pile up any two from Mobile, DTH, Fiber under one bill.

It has been seen many times due to the multiplicity of statements customers forgot paying their bills and this time, and Airtel Black shall eliminate this problem of bill payment as with the Airtel Black service; one can make two or more Airtel Black services in a single bill that shall provide better convenience to the bill payment.  

Freedom to choose a plan:  

Everyone has a different digital need and lifestyle, so to provide flexibility and affordable connectivity, Airtel Black has come up with branches in their plan to choose their plans according to their digital need and in a much more economical manner. Currently, Airtel Black offers a fixed plan that shall vary from Rs. 998 to Rs. 2099.  

 The newcomer Experience and switching cost:

 To make the Black plan more attractive and customer-friendly, it has come up with zero switching cost, which means a customer chooses to combine a DTH plan or fibre connection to any existing service, they do not have to pay any additional installation fees.

Moreover, the new customer to Airtel Black shall get a 30-day free trial as they sign up with an Airtel Black plan. 

Customer-Service Interface:  

Airtel Black offers a one-point customer support number for your entire mobile, internet, and DTH needs. If any issues or a fault arises, the relationship manager gets priority resolution for all the flaws with a call-pick-up time of 60secs or call-back, along with free lifetime service. We can say this is all a new foot-step towards a paradigm shift in the digital lifestyle. 



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