Benedict Cumberbatch jokes about how Will Smith ‘beat’ him at the Oscars in his SNL monologue


Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness star Benedict Cumberbatch took on the hosting duty at Saturday Night Live this week. As this is the second time hosting the show, Benedict Cumberbatch made a smashing comeback. While delivering the monologue he began by saying a joke about losing at the Oscars to Will Smith and also sent out some humorous Mother’s Day messages to his mother and his wife Sophie Hunter.

SNL has always been a platform where parody and dark comedy has always been safe play to laugh about. It’s either the cast members or actors themselves delivering the punch lines and jokes to the live audience.

In his opening soliloquy on the show, Cumberbatch cracked a hilarious joke about the incident that happened at the Oscars where Will Smith smacked Chris Rock for mocking his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Indulging through it the actor said, “I didn’t win the Oscar…I was beaten by Will Smith.” After the audience began to cheer for the line, Cumberbatch quickly added, “Oh. Not like that. Not physically.”

Later presenting the monologue, Cumberbatch also sent out a few funny Mothers day related messages to his mother and the mother of his own children as well who was seated in the audience. He also shared a funny yet beautiful message for his wife by saying, “Hi, Sophie. It’s me, your husband, Little Benedict. I’m constantly in awe of you. You gave birth to our three beautiful boys and that is itself a minor miracle, and according to you I was off dressing up as a wizard. Although technically it’s a sorcerer. Wizards have robes, I have a cloak, it’s the whole thing, don’t worry.”

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) monologue HERE

Also, watch it HERE

The actor also cracked a joke about himself — on how he revealed that while most pitches he received from the SNL Team revolved around his iconic character Doctor Strange and after he told the show’s producer Lorne Michaels that he had been in other films as well one of which was even nominated for the Oscars The Power of the Dog to which Michaels told him, “Nobody saw it”.

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