Bhupendra Patel: New CM of Gujarat, took oath on Monday


BJP announces Ghatlodia MLA Bhupendra Patel as the new CM of Gujarat by the BJP.

On Monday, Bhupendra Patel took oath as the 17th Chief Minister of Gujarat, as BJP leadership announced him to choose this post on the previous day. 

Patel is the present MLA of Ghatlodia, the seat earlier handled by Anandiben. He is a first-time legislator. And the question that arises among the state people is whether he is eligible to be the CM?

Patel’s swearing-in ceremony was a concise event conducted in Ahmedabad. Union Home Minister Amit Shah attended this event and conveyed his wishes to Patel.

Along with Shah, CMs of BJP ruling states and some BJP leaders and members were also present.

Newly appointed CM Patel’s family members also joined in the oath-taking ceremony.

PM Narendra Modi conveyed his wishes to Bhupendra Patel through his tweet, “Congratulations to Bhupendra Bhai on taking oath as CM of Gujarat.

I have known him for quite a long time and have seen his exemplary work in the BJP Organisation or civic administration and community service.

He will certainly enrich Gujarat’s growth trajectory,” also tagged Patel along with this.

Vijay Rupani’s exit

Patel became the successor of Vijay Rupani, as he resigned from the CM post on Saturday. 

Vijay Rupani became the fourth Chief Minister to be substituted in BJP-ruled states this year.

His management of the COVID-19 second wave and his functioning methods are some factors that lead to his exit. 

Another cause for his replacement is poll math. Mr Patel’s nomination appeases the prevailing Patidar community, which has been disappointed with the BJP and has backed the opposition Congress’s, Hardik Patel.

PM also tweeted about the exit of Rupani, which mentions his tireless works for different sections, and Modi also wishes that he will continue to contribute more to public services.

At Sunday’s legislature party conference, Rupani suggested choosing Patel as the legislative party leader, who resigned on the previous day.

Later in a press meeting, Rupani wishes Patel to lead a good path along with the PM and hopes he will win the next election.

Rupani added that he will always contribute to the party and handle all the responsibilities entrusted to him and mentioned he is still a CM- ‘Common Man’.

Patel as a Patidar

Patidar’s are the most influential community in Gujarat and BJP’s core vote bank. In Gujarat, 12-14 per cent of the population are of Patidar.

Out of the 182 assembly seats in the state, Patidar influence around 70-90 seats under them.

For the last few years, Patidar votes were drifting away to the opposition, leading to a lack of power. Thus, Bhupendra Patel, as a Patidar, was declared as the CM for gaining back control of BJP.

Patel owns a civil engineering diploma and has been a member of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDC), and won the Gujarat election in 2017 by a record margin.

Patel’s first executive action taken even before the swearing-in ceremony was to direct the Jamnagar district collector to airlift around 35 people stuck after heavy rains led to flooding in three villages.

Hizana Farhath
Hizana Farhath
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