Bidens Credibility Takes a Blow as US Withdraws Troops


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With the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan after 20 long years, the US’s message of limited backing for allies is clearer than ever.

America’s retreat raises eyebrows, and collectively, the decision is viewed as a combination of resignation and trepidation. 


The facts confirm that Trump paved the way for the USA out of Afghanistan and started the whimsical harmony chats with the Taliban that led to a dead end.

But instead of inverting the withdrawal of Troops, Biden sped up it. In the spectacular irony, Biden claimed that he had no second thoughts about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and asserted that the likelihood of Taliban controlling the entire land was exceptionally impossible.

The awful outcomes are unfurling on the ground in Afghanistan, as the Taliban take city after city.

The last breakdown of the public authority looks inescapable. However, Biden’s top defence for the Afghan withdrawal was vital.

In ongoing comments, he contended that the US couldn’t stay fastened to arrangements made accordingly to a world as it was 20 years prior.

We need to meet the dangers where they are today.” The main threat that Biden identified was the essential contest with China.


 With the expanding influence of China and Russia in the International Forum, Joe Biden was likely to re-establish the USA’s fading presence from the said forum.

The US withdrawal makes it harder for Biden to push his core message that “America is back”.

Alternatively, it fits impeccably with two key messages the Chinese (and Russian) governments put forward. In the first place, that US power is in decay.

Second, that American security backing can’t be depended upon. China is, as of now, the prevailing monetary force in east Asia.

Yet, most Asian Democracies systems turn their eyes towards the US as their fundamental security accomplice. So, it is advantageous to Beijing in case Washington’s credibility is subverted.


NATO nations let the Americans make significant decisions in Afghanistan, regardless of whether they grumbled about an absence of interviews.

For NATO, the mantra was consistently “in together, out together.” Once Biden chose to reassess, NATO troops started leaving at speed; there is little hope for returning. 

Allies, particularly Britain and Germany, resented how the pullout was declared and considered it to be a done deal, so there will be some remaining harm, Niblett said.  


Europe’s fundamental concerns presently are another progression of Afghan migrants and another place of refuge for illegal intimidation.

However, for quite a while currently, European illegal intimidation has had its underlying foundations nearer to home, in North Africa, the Middle East, and the homegrown offence. 

Image Source: voanews

According to the European Asylum Support Office, Afghans were the second-largest nation of origin for asylum seekers in the EU in 2020, with almost 50,000 applicants. 

A substantial fresh influx of people from Afghanistan is expected to intensify domestic strife.

Over the most recent couple of months, at least 400,000 Afghans have been internally displaced, the number prone to rise imperatively.

However, for quite a while presently, European illegal intimidation has had its underlying foundations nearer to home, in North Africa, the Middle East, and the homegrown offence.


Aastha Khera
Aastha Khera
Aastha is a second-year student at Christ University, Bangalore pursuing a triple major in Journalism, psychology and English Literature. She views the field of journalism and psychology as a much-needed duty towards the society and literature as food for the soul. She also has her work published in two anthologies. You are most likely to find her scribbling in her diary at 3am next to a tub of ice cream or adoring the moon with all her heart. Aastha is just embarking on her journey as a writer and is more excited than ever.





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