Bilateral Relations between Russia and North Korea


Bilateral relations of Russia and Korea
North Korean President Mr. Kim(L), Russian President Mr. Putin(R).


President of Russia Mr. Putin said that North Korea and Russia were willing to develop a strong relationship by expanding comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations.

Putin said by the confirmation and willingness of both the countries they will decide to expand the relation and move further.

North Korean President replied to Mr.Putin 

North Korea president Mr. Kim Jong Un was also interested in expanding the bilateral relations, A letter hain send by Mr. Putin to Kim Jong Un on the 75th anniversary of the end of Japan occupation of the Korean Peninsula saying that “further moves will be in the interests of both the countries”.

For this Kim replayed, friendship between both the countries since World War II, also added that “friendship wok grow more stronger by expansion”.

This relationship helps both the countries to strengthen the security and stability of the Korean Peninsula and North Eastern region, Mr. Kim assumed that this cooperation between USSR and North Korea is based on the agreement which is signed in 2019 when he met tho Mr.Putin .

Mr Kim said the “strategic and tactical co-operation, support and solidarity” between two countries has reached a new level. This expansion also wanted to combine Moscow and Pyanyong, according to State Media.

 In July Noel Korea recognised that two Russian ballard breakaway fund “people republic” in Ukraine as a freedom state and some of the officials have raised the prospect of North Korea workers being sent to areas to help them in construction of other labor.

Ukraine after the invasion of Russia, Which describe by Moscow as a “special military operation” immediately cut off relations with Pyongyang after the move. .

In an international community both the countries have faced isolation. Both the leaders have their own operations that for Kim it has of course been longstanding. For Vladimir Putin, it’s been more recent, but more consequential.

Benefits by the Expansion

Both the countries have mutual aid and treaties, which is the only defense treaty either country has with any nation.

Economic Relation between Russia and North Korea maintaining since years. Artcell Korean war, Russia emerged as the partner and sponsor of North Korea. In North Korea they have conducted 90 factories with Russian technical assistance.

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