Bought Russian Weapons and Saved the Ties: S. Jaishankar


Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar saved the ties between Russia and India as he added India got stable supply of Russian weapons where the West did not provide any weapons in past decade and sided with neighboring military dictators.

UKraine Vs Russia

New Delhi: On Monday, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar said, “Russia’s long-standing relationship has served its purpose well with India”, before the voting in the UN General Assembly on a resolution deploring Russia’s invasion of Ukrainian territories.


Russia with supports India with Arms


S-400 anti aircraft missiles(Source: Diplomat)

While this isn’t the only or first time S. Jaishankar spoke against the west whining against India’s ties with other countries or Russia, it was still of importance that he spoke alongside Australian counterpart Penny Wong after a multilateral meeting at UN General Assembly.

An Australian reporter asked whether India should reduce or rethink its alliance with Russia based on Russian weapons systems and given what is happening in Ukraine.  

Last month Jaishankar, during a joint press conference with US Secretary of state Antony Blinken, also said India takes a choice that it believes is in the interest of the Nation when it is offered weapons.

Russia has been a major supplier of weapons to India, and it has been discussing payment methods between them in Western sanctions views in Moscow.

In 2018, India and Russia signed a 500 billion USD deal in which India bought 5 S-400 long-range surface-to-air missile defense systems from Russia despite Trump’s warning about going ahead with the deal can trigger US Sanctions.

Russian Ambassador Denis Alipov said last month that Russia has delivered its most advanced long-range surface-to-air missile Défense system S-400 to India and that too on time despite getting pressure from the US-Led Wests Sanctions.

He further added. “The Truimf interceptor-based missile system can take down almost any kind of aircraft, hostile missiles, and even drones with a good range of approximately 400km.” Russia started delivery of the first group in December 2021.

S. Jaishankar on the Matter: India stands with Russia  

Hindustan Times

At the UN General Assembly 2022, during the vote, India’s Foreign Minister stood with Russia and in reference to Pakistan reminded, “Unlike the West who not only never supplied weapons or supplies to India for decades and chose to side with neighboring military dictatorship during the Us-led West cold war, but Russia not only supplied weapons but also stood with us on many occasions.”

He later added, “We all are in International Politics, and we are here to deal with what we have and on that we make judgments, and which interests current situations and sooner or later reflects our future. And my sense is in terms of current conflicts between Russia and Ukraine just like every military conflict various things can be learned, and I am sure my professional military colleagues will understand and study it too.”  

During the joint press against Penny Wong in Canberra, S. Jaishankar also said that Pakistan has been ruled by Army generals for more than half of its 73 years of independent existence.





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