BTS J-hope invited to Love game, reveals how much support he got from his members for Lollapalooza


BTS ’ J- Hope lately appeared as a guest on a radio show hosted by Park Sohyun called SBS Power Love Game.


BTS ’ rapper J- Hope had a thrilling July, as he not only released his single album, Jack In The Box but also headlined the biggest US show Lollapalooza in Chicago. His Lollapalooza performance became the talk of the city after the rapper managed to shoot shockwaves across the globe with his stirring performance.

The rapper took over the show with his megahit tracks, Arson and More, and further paid homage to his fellow BTS members with the song Dynamite.

Recently at a radio show, Love Game J-Hope opened up about his experiences and the love that he received from his members and fans.

He stated that BTS leader RM was very proud after listening to his song What If from the latest album.  J-Hope recalled, “RM had said, ‘I’m proud that you’re attempting this kind of music, and Suga said ‘I will listen to the album when it comes out so I experience it simply as a listener.” He revealed that the pre-release track More was the most difficult for him as he had to record it several times.

He also emphasized that BTS members were his ‘safety zone which is also a song in the album, along with ARMY.

When asked what he thought about Jimin coming all the way from Korea to cheer for him at the festival, J-Hope replied “I didn’t even think Jimin would come! If I had known, we could have danced together.”

Calling Jimin his strength in the dark times, J-Hope also said that V was the one who called him the most and cheered him during the promotions interminably.

It is inconceivable how J-Hope has evolved as an artist. He has indeed proven to the world that he is much more than the sunshine personality he sheds wherever he goes.

Now ARMYs are eager to witness the magic at the October Busan Expo concert. Are you thrilled about it as well?

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