BTS Leader RM Achieves 10 Million Followers on Spotify!


BTS Leader and rapper RM achieves 10 Million Followers on Spotify, becomes the second Korean Artist after Jhope to conquer the milestone!

BTS Leader RM Achieves 10 Million Followers on Spotify!

BTS Leader, Rapper and Composer Kim Namjoon (RM) achieves a milestone on Spotify as he acquires 10 Million Followers on Spotify. RM has officially became the second Korean Artist after Jhope to have 10 Million Followers.

BTS RM (Kim Namjoon)

BTS the most popular and biggest band in the world has made their comeback in this June with “Proof”. Proof is one of the most promising album. Proof had some of their old songs, New songs and BTS Members Solo Songs.

BTS Leader RM aka Kim Namjoon who is known for his rapping skills and his Intelligent Mind. Leader RM is really great at Composing and Writing Songs. Most of the songs of BTS is written by Him along with Suga and Jhope.

RM is the tallest member in BTS and The most fluent member in English. RM posts the screenshots of the songs he listens on Spotify ON Instagram. RM have around 36 Million Followers where he mainly posts and appreciate the cultural monuments and pictures in Museum.

RM name specifics the inspiration from famous rapper San E’s “Rap Genius” lyrics. The Full Form of RM is Rap Monster which means “Rapping like a Monster”. RM released his First solo Mixtape “RM” in 2015.

RM’s Spotify Achievement:

BTS Leader RM Achieves 10 Million Followers on Spotify!
Source: Spotify

The Leader of BTS has its own Spotify Profile. The Verified Artist collaborated with Jeong Hee, Joo Hee, Jo Kwon, and Jungkook. They Collaborated for a Single named “Perfect Christmas” which was released in 2013.

The Next Collab was for a Single P.D.D with Warren G. He Released his first and official mixtape in 2015 with 11 Songs! The Songs were 1. Voice, 2. Do You, 3. Awakening, 4. Monster, 5. Throw away, 6. Joke, 7. God Rap, 8. Rush (feat. Krizz Kaliko), 9. Life, 10. A drift and 11. I Believe.

His First OST was Fantastic released in 2015. After this, he released many songs collaborated with BTS Members like I know feat. JUNGKOOK, 4 0’clock feat. V (KIM TAEHYUNG). One of the hit collaborations was with Jhope and Suga for a Single Called “Ddaeng”.

RM Single Songs like Always and Change feat. Wale. His Second mixtape was proven to be hit “mono” released in 2018. The Mixtape consisted songs like 1. Moonchild, 2. Seoul, 3. Tokyo, 4. Forever Rain, 5. Badbye with eAeon, 6. Uhgood and 7. Everythingoes With Nell.

His Most popular Collaboration was with Lil Nax X for song Seoul Town Road with Lil Nax X (Old Town Road). After all these mistakes and Collaboration, RM’s Spotify monthly listeners are over 2 Million and he achieved a milestone to reach 10 Million Followers. He became the second Korean Artist after Jhope to achieve this milestone!

His Most listened song on Spotify is Seoul with over one million streams. After achieving this milestone, he is been trending all over Twitter where his Fans Worldwide congratulated him.

To Congratulate RM, you can post #RM10Monspotify on Twitter and Comment Below!


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