China Declares National Drought As Temperature Rises


The world is undergoing serious climatic adversities. Humans have exploited nature and are now facing the consequences of their actions. Recently China declared a national drought as its 66 rivers across 34 counties in southwestern China have dried. The major reason according to the sources is scanty rainfall patterns.

The people are facing intense heat waves mainly because of forest fires. Forest fires are also a matter of concern as it is a great threat to the agriculture sector. Disruption in the seasonal crops will affect the people of China badly. 

The Washington Post has called this the world’s worst drought. China’s most important river Yangtze river is drying, this will also affect the cropping patterns. Water supplies have been disrupted in many rural communities. 

A national yellow alert has been issued by the authorities. The government has pointed out global warming as one of the main factors. 

China is also worried about the economic losses that it has suffered which are around $400 million due to terrible climatic conditions and around 5.5 million people are affected.

The world is grappling with adverse climatic conditions. Man cannot enforce his power in front of the power of nature. Nations must collectively take action to curb climatic change as it’s high time now.           


Sanskriti Verma
Sanskriti Verma
Sanskriti is an undergraduate student at Delhi University. She is currently pursing her degree in philosophy and wants to create some change in the society with her positivity and goodness.





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