China establishes unauthorized police posts worldwide, instigates concern


Numerous overseas police stations have been established by the China government, including in developed nations such as Canada and Ireland, causing concern among human rights activists. Through these illegal police stations, the Chinese government is also influencing elections in certain countries, according to an investigation by Reportika.

In an effort to become a global superpower, the Chinese government has opened a number of illegal police stations around the world, including in developed nations such as Canada and Ireland, causing concern among human rights activists.

Such informal police service stations affiliated with the Public Security Bureau (PSB) have been established across Canada to provoke China’s enemies, according to Investigative Journalism Reportika, citing local media.

According to local news reports, Fuzhou has established PSB-affiliated informal police service stations throughout Canada. A minimum of three of these stations are exclusive to the Greater Toronto Area.

Moreover, according to Investigative Journalism Reportika, the Chinese government uses these illegal police stations to influence elections in certain countries.

China Fuzhou police department has reportedly established 30 such stations in 21 countries.

Image Source” ETV Bharat

Countries such as Ukraine, France, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom have such arrangements for Chinese Police Stations, and the leaders of the majority of these nations question China’s rise and deteriorating human rights records on public platforms, thereby contributing to the problem.

Human rights activists have accused the ruling Communist Party of China of committing widespread abuses across the country in the name of national security, including internment camps, forced family separation, and forced sterilization.

China has stated that these facilities are “vocational training centers” that are required to “counter” extremism and improve livelihoods. Late in 2019, Chinese officials reported that the majority of “trainees” had “graduated” from the centers.

Chinese overseas police stations control other nations’ elections.

According to the officials, these police stations are established in foreign nations to make it easier for Chinese citizens living abroad to file local police reports and assist with other administrative procedures.

According to state-affiliated Chinese media, “Police service stations” force alleged Chinese criminals to return home. According to an investigative media report, the organization Safeguard Defenders claims that over 2.3 million people have been sent to China as a result of these unofficial negotiations.

In addition, the report claimed that these police checkpoints help the Chinese government influence elections in countries where it has established a presence. Additionally, these stations control the activities of the Overseas Chinese Diaspora, and cases of espionage have been reported.

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