‘CHINA is our most crucial partner’: Taliban.


As the war raged country faces widespread hunger and fears of an economic collapse, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said the group supports China’s ‘one belt, one road’ initiative.

He describes China as its most important partner who will help in rebuilding Afghanistan.

Pointers from the interview

Mujahid said that China has been making some positive statement towards the Taliban and have expressed some hopes.

They have asked the Taliban to follow a moderate foreign policy, combat all the prevalent terrorist forces, negotiate with countries peacefully, and live up to the international community’s aspirations.

“There are rich copper mines across the country, which thanks to china, can be put back into operation and can also modernise per today’s technology.

In addition, China is our pass to markets all over the world; it respects Afghanistan’s sovereignty and will not interfere in our matters”, said Mujahid.

Chinese Foreign spokesperson Wang Webin said on Tuesday that we need an open, inclusive political structure, peaceful moderations and a clean break from the terrorist groups in all forms- to realise the cost of economic development.

Security concerns and Xinjiang province

'CHINA is our most crucial partner': Taliban.

The progressively deteriorating security concern in Afghanistan has compelled China in pursuing greater engagement with Afghanistan due to unease regarding the geographical proximity between Afghanistan and its own Uighur Muslim dominated Xinjiang province.

The Chinese Xinjian region is the breeding grounds for the ‘three evils’ of terrorism, separatism, and religious extremism plaguing their country.

China fears that the ideological influence of pan- Islamic groups operating in the tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan could exacerbate separatism in Xinjiang; thus, it doesn’t want Afghanistan to be used as a launchpad against China’s Xinjiang province.

Economic interests of china

Aside from national security concerns, China’s deepening involvement in Afghanistan is prominent because of its economic ambitions.

Afghanistan’s geographically strategic location gives it a competitive advantage over others as a regional hub for trade and transit.

It has immense potential to link all the markets from Central Asia to South Asia, giving china leverage over its economic growth.

If appropriately managed, Afghanistan’s rich mineral resource base has the potential to be a substitute for china’s dependence on its mineral imports.

The economic wealth can revolutionise China’s domination in semiconductor production and help manage its growing energy needs in the future.

China is likely to continue its increasing engagement with the Taliban, to achieve its vision for more significant regional integrations and economic prosperity.

Chinese presence in Afghanistan can positively impact India’s fundamental objectives: strike a strategic balance between Islamabad and Kabul, curtail Pakistan’s terrorist exercises in Afghanistan, and connect with energy- markets in the Central Asian region.

Alisha Singh
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