According to intelligence online, China is trying to build a port in Tierra del Fuego province in Argentina which could act as a gateway to Antarctica. China hugely invested in Infrastructure and Energy projects in Buenos Aeries.

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On the mark of the golden Jubilee, China and Argentina celebrated the bilateral ties between the two nations last year and the dragon’s position as the largest investor in the country from Asia. 


Chinas investments in Argentina:

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The Chinese Developmental bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and Bank of China lend considerable amounts to construct hydropower projects, making fertilizer plants, lithium carbonate production plants, and extraction and exploration of lithium mines in the country.

Argentina, the fourth largest country in lithium reserves and production, seeks China’s help in the extraction and commercialization of its lithium mineral reserves. The mineral has high demand in the currency markets with the increase in Electronic Batteries usage and supply of EV vehicles. Lithium batteries are named for their reliability.

Buenos aeries mineral reserves:

The country has the third largest economy in the Latin American Nations with abundant natural resources like gold, Shale oil, Shale gas, lithium, copper, and silver.

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With increasing inflation and poverty the government led by Alberto Fernandez restructured its economy and increased its foreign direct investments and investments in improving resources for exports to maintain economic stability.

Countries like Australia have expanded their business in Buenos Aeries in agriculture. the health sector, and logistic services. Australia is the world’s largest producer of lithium besides China.

India recently identified two lithium and one copper mine in Argentina possibly to acquire for lease with the team led by Khanij Bidesh India ltd.

Fernandez tries to attract foreign investors in the gas, energy, technology, and telecommunications sectors, and the country has signed agreements on investments with more than 60 counties.

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